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Learn About Bugs and Taxes on 1520 WBZW


Today on My Hometown with Jim Turner on 1520 WBZW

Today is "Tax Day"! Taxes are always around, just like bugs inside and outside your house!

1520 wbzw Wayne Levesque

Learn about them, what you can do, what you shouldn't do and most importantly, who to call, today on "My Hometown" at Apopka's "Hometown Station" 1520 WBZW! In the four o'clock hour today Wayne Levesque of All Seasons Pest Control will be Jim Turner's guest.

Wayne will answer questions from Jim and his callers about bugs in your house, and guess what, they are there even if they hide out during the day, only to have a feast in the darkness of the night!

You'll be able to get in on the discussion also by calling 407-774-8255. Remember, its Wayne Levesque and Jim Turner on "My Hometown" in the four o'clock hour on Monday on 1520 WBZW.

Use this link to listen live.


My Hometown


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