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Landry jumps off the bullet train and into the deep end


Former Fox 35 anchor running for office

Keith Landry is on a journey, but it’s not the type of journey you might think. This isn’t a lazy hike on the Appalachian Trail to find one’s inner self. This is a last-minute decision to jump on a bullet train as it flies past you kind of a journey.

Landry retired from Fox News 35 on June 17th. He anchored the news there and did investigative reports for almost 14 years. In total, he spent 26 years in broadcast journalism.

Three days later, Landry announced his intention to run for the office of Orange County Comptroller. He jumped off the bullet train, and into the deep end of Orange County politics, but Landry sees it as a duty to keep elected offices in the hands of the voters.

"Good people need to step forward and run for office to preserve good government,” said Landry. “I have served our neighbors in Central Florida for almost 14 years as a news anchor, reporter, and a show host. I gave non-profit groups a voice and I have served on many local boards where we had duties overseeing the budget and reviewing financial reports. I could have stayed in TV news for a few more years, but I did not want to waste time. I want to make a difference. I decided to do that sooner rather than later.”

Landry spent almost 14 years as an anchor and reporter for Fox 35 News.

He believes his experience in broadcast journalism prepared him to succeed at the rigorous job of comptroller. And he believes the voters of Orange County know it.

“I’ve covered wasteful spending at every local government board across Central Florida for more than a decade. People know I have the skill set to move that over into government to look for wasteful spending…to monitor vendor contracts… to make sure those contracts aren’t inflated. They know I understand the issues and that I’m a serious person.”

Candidate Feature: Keith Landry

Challenger for Orange County Comptroller


Despite the seat being open because of the retirement of longtime Comptroller Martha Haynie, Landry will have his hands full if he wants to win this office. His opponent Phil Diamond is a well-funded, former Orlando City Commissioner with a background in tax law and accounting. Haynie endorsed him early on, and he began his campaign in 2015, well before Landry.

“I respect Haynie’s endorsement (of Diamond). And I have respect for her track record as Comptroller of Orange County. But I would point out she endorsed him before I got into the race. And with all due respect, the only endorsement I need are from the voters on Election Day.”

Landry has until August 30th (Election Day) to close the fundraising and organizational gaps with Diamond, but he remains undaunted. His name recognition, and the trust he built with Orange County residents is the advantage he believes will catapult him past Diamond.

“People know me and trust me in every corner of Orange County. You can ask them and they’ll tell you I did their charity event, or I picked up the phone and answered their questions. I have the ability to explain the complexities of this office and make it more accessible to the people of Orange County. I know it will take all of the remaining eight weeks to win, but I’ve had a chance to go to a lot of events and meet with the people, and when I explain what my vision is for the future of that agency they quickly understand it and they support me.”

Keith Landry, Orange County Comptroller


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