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Kratom Extract vs. Powder: What’s the Difference?


Kratom is a common name for the plant Mitragyna speciosa, which belongs to the family of coffee. This plant has its origin in Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, and some other South Asian countries.

Kratom is considered a medicinal herb and is used as a sedative and stimulant. Though it has not been approved as a medicine, some reports assert that kratom has benefits in several medical conditions like anxiety, depression, and other chronic pain.

Kratom is available in different forms. You can use it in the form of tablets, paste, powder, capsule, or extract. However, people usually get confused between powder and extract and consider them as the same thing. But they are quite different from each other.

Kratom Extract vs. Powder

Kratom plant is converted to its powder form once it gets matured. The leaves of the adult kratom plant are dried before they are crushed. These leaves are crushed finely, and ultimately they turn into fine powder. Kratom powder is a whole plant with nothing removed from it.

Kratom extract is somewhat concentrated. The initial steps for making kratom extract are the same. However, some more efforts are put in to make it concentrated. The dried leaves of the kratom plant or fine kratom powder previously made are boiled. Boiling is continued for a long time, after which it is strained. This process is more like brewing tea. In this way, all the alkaloids are extracted, making them potent.

The extra efforts made to produce kratom extract are what makes it expensive from kratom powder.

Which is more Potent?

When you read the label of kratom extract, you will see a ratio such as 2:1. This shows that kratom extract is two times stronger than its powder form.

Since kratom extract contains more alkaloids than powder, the extract is more potent. The high concentration of alkaloids makes it appear darker in color.

You can find extract in both powder and liquid form. They are sold as a fine powder. You can also buy them as tinctures in the form of liquid.


The concentration of useful compounds found in kratom powder and the extract is different. This difference in concentration makes one more or less effective than the other. The amount of alkaloids also influences the euphoric quality. 

Since kratom extract is concentrated, it is more potent than kratom powder. Taking the same dose for both products can cause side effects. Some of the common side effects due to overdosing include vomiting, nausea, drowsiness, and headache. [Check out this link for resources on opiate withdrawal.]

For kratom powder, the regular dose lies somewhat between 1 to 2 grams. If you are just a beginner, it is recommended to start with 1 gram and then increase the dose over time. Taking over 3 grams of kratom powder is considered a large dose, which can possibly cause many side effects.

Deciding the dosage for kratom extract can be more complicated. This is because the extract is measure in 2X, 5X, 10X. This represents the amount of powder or leaves used to make the extract. The right dosage for extract varies from individual to individual.

The best way is to start from the powder and then move to extract. Initially, take less amount of extract and then increase the dose over time. The dose that fits your needs the best, stick to it.

The Ratio

The major difference between the kratom powder and extract is its strength, which is written in the form of ratio on the kratom extract label. The ratio can 2:1, 3:1, and so on. 2:1 indicates that the extract has twice the strength of kratom powder.

The dose of extract you take should be compared to the dose of kratom powder you were previously taking. This is why you should always buy kratom products from the same brand to ensure that all the products are prepared similarly. This gives you an edge to evaluate the products in a better way.

If you are captivated by the kratom benefits, then consider trying some kratom products right away. You can buy kratom online in 2021 from the comfort of your home


Kratom binds to the Mu-opioid receptors present in our brains, and can act as a mild stimulant. The health benefits of kratom are not yet proven, but many anecdotal reports make it famous.

A low dose of kratom powder is thought to be beneficial in many ways. such as:

  • Increase energy level
  • Increase sexual stamina
  • Improves mood
  • Elevate the mood
  • Increase social behavior
  • Relieve pain

The effects of kratom extract are more intense and quicker than the powder. You can see the difference within a few minutes. As mentioned, Kratom can be used as either a sedative or stimulant. Kratom extract has been said to:

  • Relieve pain
  • Sedative
  • Lessen symptoms of opiate withdrawal
  • Helps in anxiety
  • Stimulant

Many people like the positive effects of kratom in their body. Some use it as a replacement for caffeine and nicotine. Some consumers like to chew the leaves; others brew kratom as tea, while some people even like to smoke kratom. Before you start using kratom, it is important to understand that a high dose of kratom can cause euphoria. This is why you should carefully use kratom.

Side Effects

At high doses, kratom powder can cause several side effects. Some of these are:

  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Constipation
  • euphoria
  • hallucination
  • itching

These side effects can be mild to severe, depending upon the amount of product consumed.

Kratom Extract vs. Powder – Which is better?

Kratom benefits can be achieved from both the powder and extract. However, this question depends more upon the consumer taking kratom.

If a person is already consuming kratom, he can consider going for the extract. The high amount of alkaloids likely cannot harm him; rather, it will likely cause a high effect.

For a beginner, who has not tried any of the kratom products yet, it is recommended to begin with the kratom powder. A low dose, in the beginning, is better. A high dose of kratom, in the beginning, causes the body to develop resistance to it.

The other thing is the cost, which makes kratom powder better than the extract as it is less expensive. Kratom extract is concentrated, and therefore it takes extra efforts in preparation. This is the reason kratom extract can be expensive.

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