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Apopka Schools

Kelly Park School recognized for creative rain barrel art


The Kelly Park School is a brand new institution in Apopka that serves students from Kindergarten through 8thgrade. It opened its doors in August 2022, but in just those few months of existence, Kelly Park is already getting a reputation as an artistic hotbed.

Just take a look at one of its rain barrels.

Since 2006, the Orlando Utilities Commission Water Color Project has set out to teach future generations to appreciate the value of this natural resource, in partnership with Orange County Public Schools. Students receive a lesson on conservation, then join teams to represent their school by creating artwork on rain barrels to show what they’ve learned.

And in 2023, local students, including four from Kelly Park are being recognized for raising awareness about water conservation through their artwork.

Last week, winners at seven schools were chosen for categories including Best Overall Barrel, Most Creative Barrel and more.

And Kelly Park's Presley Perrone, Taylor Davison, Isla Rountree and Avery Jackley from Kelly Park School won for Best Water Conversation Theme.

The student artists will be recognized at an award ceremony in April and the barrels will be auctioned off in May, with all proceeds going to OCPS’ art program at each participating school. 

Here are the winners from each school:

2023 Water Color Project Rain Barrel Contest Winners

  • Best Overall Barrel
    • School: Westridge Middle School
    • Teacher: Heather Marsh-Beersingh
    • Students: TBD
  • Most Creative Barrel
    • School: Dr. Phillips High School
    • Teacher: Abigail Calloway
    • Students: 
      1. Alana Urias
      2. Alisa Andrievskaya
      3. Gianna Miele
      4. Harmony Thomas
  • Best City/County Theme Barrel
    • School: Bishop Moore Catholic High School
    • Teacher: Heather Jolie Spelman
    • Students: 
      1. Kayla Kho
      2. Amanda Hernandez Cepero
      3. Sofia Franceschi
      4. Katia Ford
      5. Ryleigh Johnson
  • Best Florida Theme Barrel
    • School: Wedgefield K-8
    • Teacher: Ellen Kramer
    • Students: 
      1. Jzabehl Perilla
      2. Ava Acree
      3. Emily Lorne
      4. Bella Pagan
      5. Soma Simon Keinz

The award winning water barrel from the Kelly Park School.
The award winning water barrel from the Kelly Park School.

  • Best Water Conservation Theme
    • School: Kelly Park School
    • Teacher: Stacey Fisher
    • Students: 
      1. Presley Perrone
      2. Taylor Davison
      3. Isla Rountree
      4. Avery Jackley
  • CityArts Choice Barrel
    • School: Acceleration East High School
    • Teacher: Susan Ker
    • Students: 
      1. Bree Stockton
      2. Xin Jie Tan
      3. Marillyn Hurtado Ruelas
      4. Heleanys Sierra Alicea
  • Social Media Favorite Barrel
    • School: Arbor Ridge K-8
    • Teacher: Sean Nagy
    • Students: 
      1. Reina Jin
      2. Kaelean Paniza
      3. Mai Lyn Pham
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