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Keeping my Promises to Apopka


By Commissioner Doug Bankson

First of all, I wanted to take an opportunity to thank all the citizens of Apopka for their vote of trust in electing me to serve them in my first term beginning in 2016. My desire to serve in the realm of our local government was inspired by what I saw as a need for steady and sound leadership amidst fast-paced change, growth, and expansion. I believe that it is the responsibility of every public servant on any level of government to govern according to core principles which serve as the bedrock of any stable and healthy municipality, county, state, and/ or nation. It has been by these principals that I have endeavored to serve my community over the past 4 years and hope to continue to serve all the citizens of Apopka.

In 2016, I ran for office on a platform based on these key principles:

• Sound Fiscal Policy

• Economic Growth

• Community Partnership

• Enhanced Living

• Safety/ Security/ Infrastructure AND

• Bringing Apopka Together

As with any public servant, it is vital that the continued trust of the citizens whom they serve is deepened by the actions of that public servant while in office. That has been my goal and over the past 4 years, I have worked hard to maintain that trust by the following actions:

• Sound Fiscal Policy

◦ I have been a firm and unwavering voice to keep taxes low while providing needed services

◦ I have been a lead proponent of Revenue Stream source funding to reduce debt and increase investment

◦ I stood alone to make sure our reserves were not depleted and proposed a viable fiscal reserve policy

• Economic Growth

◦ I have supported our local businesses as a board member and partner with our Chamber of Commerce

◦ I have been able to create the environment that has already produced jobs with more opportunities being developed

◦ As part of the Economic Development Committee I have helped to create a “path to success” process for both business and individuals seeking employment

◦ I have worked to ensure the success of our Kelly Park interchange and 429/441 infrastructure paving the path for dining and shopping

◦ I have been the city representative to work with our local private airport to upgrade our air gateway and bring executive air travel for business development

◦ I have been an avid proponent of Apopka’s downtown development from Central Ave and the Station Street promenade to the 6th St.corridor.

• Community Partnership

◦ I have endeavored to work with all our groups to solve our many needs as a community, and have made sure these organizations from youth sports, to civic clubs, to houses of worship are allowed to thrive and be recognized for their vital input. Government is best when smallest and closest to home. Working together we have been able to provide many programs that enhance their ability and effectiveness

• Enhanced Living

◦ Shopping and dining have been a key desire, as well as upgrading our community’s appeal, and these have been a key focus for me. This is why job growth has been a key part of my efforts which directly impacts these developments

◦ Our town center project is almost ready, and will be a draw for further development

◦ I led the presentation to bring St. John’s regional office to Apopka, and they will be a key partner in developing our emerging eco-tourism

◦ I have been working on bringing a “facelift” to our downtown area through CRA development and TIF funding opportunities through six programs that will give an immediate upgrade through curb appeal and attractive growth

• Safety/ Security/ Infrastructure

◦ I have been a strong advocate for our first responders to have the resources they need to keep our community safe

◦ I have kept a focus on our infrastructure needs, working with city staff to create a streets and sidewalks priority list, voting to fund those repairs, and making sure we are moving forward with our lighting needs

◦ Our parks are a key part of our community, and I have been a strong voice for equity in our park amenities and services from our Northwest Recreation to our Alonzo Williams renovations. I advocated for our very successful splash pad to be centrally located for access to our entire community

• Bringing Apopka Together

◦ My long term desire is to bring Apopka together in ways that reflect our values, embrace our history, and focus on our future without losing who we are. We are better together, and our future has never been brighter.

◦ I have governed all my affairs with an open heart and mind by welcoming collaboration and by having a willingness to hear all sides, answer any questions, and work together to produce results that benefit all equally

◦ I have supported events and programs that foster fellowship and build unity

◦ I have stood for and constantly affirmed values that promote Apopka as a great place to work, play, worship, live, and raise a family

Much of the groundwork has been laid and now is an exciting time to continue building upon that which has already been established. If re-elected, here is what I will continue standing for:

• Sound Fiscal Policy

◦ I will continue the course to keep taxes low while maintaining the quality of life we desire

◦ I will continue to maintain sustainable growth through creating business opportunity without obligating ourselves to spending on that which has no supporting revenue

◦ I will continue to work with staff to implement our policies for not only reserves, but debt and investment as well

• Economic Growth

◦ I will continue working with the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce and UCF incubator programs to support the entrepreneurial spirit

◦ I will continue to work with local and international connections to bring job growth and cutting edge industry to our western opportunity zone

◦ Jobs are the key to bring dining establishments through increased noon hour business as well as raising the standard of living for our rebuilding communities and I will continue to make this a focus

◦ Economic growth is key to sustaining our infrastructure needs while giving our children a future, and I will be an advocate for wisely planned growth opportunities

◦ As a pilot myself, I understand the needs of the private pilot community and the benefit it can bring to the local economy, and I will continue to protect the rights and proper development of our privately owned publicly used airport

• Community Partnership

◦ I will always be an advocate for partnering with the community through coordinating efforts and providing opportunities, making sure there is equity and fairness, and advocating for equal access to all our citizens. My desire has always been to work with all parts of our community to become one Apopka

• Enhanced Living

◦ Enhanced living has become a desire reflected by many residents, and I will give further focus to making sure our amenities and appearances match the upward move in Apopka’s attractiveness

• Safety/ Security/ Infrastructure

◦ I will continue to advocate for our first responders, with a focus on catching up our policing needs and maintaining our top rated police and fire departments

◦ Infrastructure will continue to be a focus as we have raised our impacts to meet our future growth and keep it from the backs of the taxpayers

◦ Our lighting needs will be a main priority as well, along with some resurfacing projects, so that we maintain not only a safe system, but something that is appealing as well

◦ Our ecotourism industry opportunities will be a focus going forward as we enhance our recreational opportunities, biking trails, and health and wellness

• Bringing Apopka Together

◦ I will continue to represent the values of faith, family, and community, while helping to pilot us in a way that utilizes our many strengths and ensures we will be a safe, sound, and prosperous city for generations to come

Once again, thank you to all the supporters who have entrusted me with their vote. If you would like to learn more about who I am and what I stand for, please feel free to visit our website at www.DougForApopka.com where you can also find voter information including links to locate your polling location. Let your voice be heard and join me in voting Tuesday, March 17th so we can keep moving forward together!

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Doug Bankson, Non-Partisan, for Apopka City Council Seat 3.

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