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Jobs or Recreation? Can We Have Both?



By the Apopka Voice Editorial Board

After doing a three-part series on Ordinance #2469, The Apopka Voice has made some observations, come to some conclusions, and has a potential solution for the use of the property on Cleveland Street

The debate that took place at the December 16th City Council meeting drew battle lines at the idea of a property south of 441 zoned Parks and Recreation being re-zoned for Light Industrial. One side stressed the need for jobs. Another side questioned the idea of putting more industrial-type businesses in Southern Apopka. Another group pointed to the original intention for the property.

After a visit to Aero-Tel Wire Harness Corporation, it became clear that this company would probably be a good neighbor and an asset whichever community it comes to. There are examples in Southern Apopka of businesses and industry that aren't light or clean, but Aero-Tel doesn't fall into that category. It also seems clear that the subject property was originally intended to be a sports complex of some sort.

Why are these two uses mutually exclusive to one another?

Aero-Tel wants to come to Apopka, build a 20,000 square foot wire-harness assembly facility, and employee 100 people.

Everyone likes the idea of more jobs, especially jobs that are well-paying. But Apopkans south of 441 do not like the idea of losing 10 acres of land that was purchased in 1980 and zoned Parks and Recreation.

Can we have both?

The photo shows two soccer fields (light green), a baseball diamond (green)a retention pond (yellow), abundant parking (blue), and a 20,000 square-foot building (black); all on the 10 acre parcel currently owned by the City.

Experts will need to check the dimensions; make sure there are enough parking spaces and that the retention pond and athletic fields are properly sized, but it seems to us that a solution that meets everyone's requirements might be possible.

We do not know what Aero-Tel's long term plans might be. Perhaps, in the future, they will need to expand their assembly building so that even more good jobs can be provided to Apopkans. That would not be a bad thing. In the meanwhile Apopkans can enjoy the benefits of good jobs and recreation.


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