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In defense of Liquid Death, the VC-backed canned water company


Focus on Business: Inspiring marketing that created a thirst monster

From The Hustle

People love ragging on venture capitalists for funding absurd ideas.

The latest target is Liquid Death, a beverage company that sells canned water from the Austrian Alps. A 12-pack costs $15.99 ($1.33 / tallboy can).

The water-tech startup just raised $23m and has secured $34m total.

Here’s are 3 reasons we kinda like it:

1. The branding is funny

Founded by former Netflix creative director Mike Cessario, the company’s motto should be on the Mount Rushmore of mottos: “Murder your Thirst.”

The rest of the website’s copy stays consistently on-brand:

  • Coupon code = “Axe 10% off”
  • Hashtags = #DeathToPlastic (“$0.05 from every can is used to kill plastic pollution”)
  • Contact form = “Summon us”
  • Merch store = T-shirts that read “hydrate or die”
  • About us = “Let's be clear. Liquid Death is a completely unnecessary approach to bottled water.”

2. Making hydration cool

That tallboy is designed to look like a beer or energy drink can, meaning you can enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage (and stay hydrated) at bars without being roasted. Combine that with the rise of “sober bars,” and Liquid Death is firmly riding the zeitgeist.

3. There’s a frickin’ “Killer Baby Namer” app on the website

Here are the new names for Hustle team members using Liquid Death’s baby namer:

  • Pentagram Sparxxx Waters
  • Dante the Pummeler Phan
  • Slayer Goatlord Dohack
  • Wulfric Blackhole Parr

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