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Ikea is getting into the refurbished business


The plan launches on Black Friday (Nov. 27)

From The Hustle

Ever try selling Ikea furniture on Craigslist?

Then you’re probably familiar with those atrocious lowball offers (“Hey, I know you listed at $60 but would you do $5?”)

Luckily, there may be relief on the way.

Ikea will begin buying back its furniture in the UK and Ireland [but will the US be next?*]

As part of a move to "help its customers take a stand against excessive consumption,” Ikea will exchange store vouchers for that Billy bookcase.

Per Business Insider, here is Ikea’s proprietary algorithm for determining used furniture value:

50% of original price for “new, without scratches”

30% of original price for “well-used with several scratches”

The plan launches on Black Friday (Nov. 27) and customers can kickstart the process by filling out an online form before taking their used furniture into a store.

Some furniture items will be donated while others will be sold

Refurbished gear selected for re-sale will end up at a store in the world’s first “recycles mall” -- ReTuna in Eskilstuna, Sweden -- where everything is recycled.

The scheme is consistent with Ikea’s plan to be carbon positive by 2030. While second-hand furniture likely won’t be as lucrative as the $10B refurb electronics industry, Ikea is setting a sustainable standard.

More importantly, we might start seeing fewer ulcer-inducing Craigslist offers.

*According to The New York Times, an Ikea spokesperson said, “It is a country decision, and Ikea Retail U.S. will not participate in the buyback program. The U.S. is currently exploring ways to bring Buy Back to the country in the future.”

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