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How's the Market? Ask a realtor


As a realtor, I am often asked, “how is the market?” The reasoning behind the question, most know what the market was like the last couple of years and know the national media would have you believe the housing market is now in crisis. 

The market has certainly slowed over the last several months, and depending our where you live, you could be seeing larger corrections in pricing than in other parts of the country. 

Living in Florida, we have a mixed market. Some parts of Florida have seen larger price adjustments than others. In the Orlando market from December 2022 to January 2023, there has actually been a slight increase in the average price sold of 0.9%.  

My purpose of this article is not to share what the market is doing presently. My purpose is to share what you, as a seller, need to do to attract buyers in a market that has slowed from previous market highs. 

Working with clients looking for a new home, I review hundreds of listings and photos weekly.  After looking at hundreds if not thousands of photos, you get a clear picture of what to do and what not to do. Believe me, it is important and can be the difference in thousands of dollars. 

There is a big difference between professional photographs and those taken by non-professionals. If you are selling, ask your Realtor who will be taking the photos. Listen to the realtor's advice. 

Crisp, clean, uncluttered, bright interiors are amazing and drive whether a buyer will keep looking or want to schedule a showing to see your house. Updated colors, current appliances,  updated kitchens, and bathrooms. Communicate to buyers this house is move-in ready. When the market is slow for sellers, the one thing you want is more eyes on your listing and showings. This provides the best opportunity to get an offer. Again, it can drive whether the offer is strong or they’ve moved on to the next listing. 

The housing market has all types of listings available, from move-in-ready to complete refurb.  Depending on where your house is on this spectrum will determine what the appropriate listing pricing should be. 

Photos can and will make a huge difference. The more eyes on your listing, the better in making the sale. 

Dark rooms, blinds pulled closed, do not show well. Every room painted a different color might have been good for each Child's desire, but when it comes to showing, it tells every buyer you will have to spend money and paint as soon as you move in. Many of the photos I’ve seen are just not different colors. They are BOLD colors. Dirty dishes STACKED in the sink, hand towels hanging from every appliance door handle, every kitchen cabinet, is not a good look. Cereal boxes lined up on the top of the refrigerator, even perfectly lined up, which is not better. Trash  overflowing most trash cans, bath towels thrown on the floor, every toiletry sitting on every inch  of counter space, tells every buyer, “this house is too small.” Bedrooms with clothes lying all over the floor and beds unmade do not say this house is clean. 

If you’ve seen or experienced something like this, you pass and move on to the next listing.  Fewer eyes on your listing mean less chance of an offer, and the offer you do get is MUCH  lower than you expect. One of the only reasons you’d consider this type of listing is due to  

location, location, location. If the buyer does move forward, they’ll view your listing as a fixer-upper. Sellers, don’t be offended. If you don’t want your listing categorized as a fixer-upper,  take steps to improve what your home looks like. 

Removing clutter and cleaning up can be daunting and overwhelming. It can also mean thousands of dollars in a sale. Get a short-term rental space to move unused items out.  Declutter!! Google photos of before and after what it means to declutter. You are planning on moving anyway. This will give you a jump on packing. Again, don’t be offended. Ask your  Realtor what they would suggest improving when showing.  

Every listing is different. Fixer-uppers do not get top dollar. They are not move-in ready. There are buyers out there looking for this type of listing. They look to purchase at the right price, put their money into fixing, and then sell. Yes, there is a difference in the new listing price, and depending on how long it took for the total refurb, it can mean a lot more money. Just remember, the buyer took the risk.  

Sellers can position their homes in the best possible way by ensuring the photos are quality and making the home look the best for a showing.  

In the end, Realtors want the best experience for their clients. Let me know what you think.  

I’m here to help you in selling and purchasing that new home. 

Happy selling and buying! 

Eric Mock, Realtor, You Have Realty

Contact me at: emock2017@gmail.com or 407-625-1770

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