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How will Tractor Supply affect Apopka traffic?


Tractor Supply was not on the agenda for last week's Development Review Committee meeting, but proved to be the most controversial item discussed.

At issue is the intersection at 441, Washington Avenue and 2nd Street. Can it safely handle the traffic that will be generated by the proposed Tractor Supply store?

Tractor Supply Company SiteThe current site layout shows entrances into the 91-car parking lot from Washington Avenue and 2nd Street.

Jay Davoll, Director of Public Services, circulated a one-page summary showing six different alternatives that have been prepared by the City's traffic consultant, HDR.

According to HDR, "All alternatives were based on the need to maintain connectivity with the neighborhood and the expected commercial development while providing the same or more guidance to drivers. This will allow for consistent and predictable use of the intersection."

The alternatives ranged from doing nothing to closing parts of either Washington Avenue or 2nd street.

The six alternatives identified by HDR are:

  • Do nothing
  • Channelize 2nd Street by building an island to physically direct westbound 2nd St traffic to northbound on Washington Avenue
  • Make 2nd Street one-way eastbound from 441
  • Make 2nd Street one-way westbound and Washington Street one-way northbound
  • Close 2nd Street from 441 to the entrance to Tractor Supply
  • Close Washington Avenue from 441 to the entrance to Tractor Supply

HDR recommend Alternative #6, Close Washington Avenue from 441 to the entrance to Tractor Supply. According to HDR this alternative, "Simplifies intersection operations and allows for a preferred east-west access to the neighborhood. This alternative is recommended as the adjacent signals support north-south neighborhood access."

But, according to Davoll, Tractor Supply does not like Alternative #6 and may back-out if a portion of Washington Avenue is closed. Davoll made this observation about the alternatives, "We would not be denying access to anyone, but their traffic pattern will change."

Use this link to see the document prepared by HDR as a PDF, or review the photo version below:

Tractor Supply Intersection Alternatives


Jay Davoll, Tractor Supply Company, traffic


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