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How to Start a Logging Business: A Quick Guide


By Eshu Mahi

Did you know there are a little over 9,000 logging and forestry establishments in the United States as of early 2021? While that seems like a large number, it indicates plenty of room for a new establishment to emerge.

But where do you begin? To start a logging business, you'll need to learn the industry to have the proper business tools to get started. Whether you're a newbie to the logging industry looking to start your own venture or a veteran who still has what it takes, this guide is for you!

Keep reading for the lowdown on what it takes to build a successful logging business.

Get to Know the Industry

At first glance, logging and forestry seem like trade jobs. But there are indeed university degrees in forestry that provide relevant education. Working for a logging company can also provide proper training. Either way, get to know the regulation laws and daily operations of a logging business.

You'll also want to take steps toward obtaining a logging license and proper certifications in the U.S. for your business. But once that's taken care of, you can start focusing on your niche and target demographic as part of your business plan.

There are many customers to choose from, like construction companies and furniture manufacturers. So why limit your options? Find any possible customer that uses logs and woods.

Find Quality Logging Equipment

To conduct your daily operations, you'll need the proper equipment. Heavy-duty equipment, like cranes, is necessary for large projects. But you'll also need other tools like axes, splitting wedges, and chainsaws. Make sure to have the right maintenance tools on hand as well to keep your tools in shape.

You'll also need your own vehicle, such as a truck, so you can independently deliver your product. To find the best in forestry cranes and other heavy-duty equipment, check out Hiab. You can visit website here to find more!

Woodlots and Fallen Trees

There's no logging business without trees! Search for fallen tree advertisements in your area and start collecting discarded trees with your new equipment. This is a great place to start if you don't have a reliable forest area for logging.

Once you have your wood, you'll need to take it to your own woodlot for storing. Not every new business owner will have an empty lot to use, so you can rent a portion of land from someone else as you start out.

Market Your New Logging Business

Even before your business is ready to go, you have to get the word out! You may be an expert on logging, but as a business owner, you now have to become an expert on advertising. Look into getting your business its very own website. Other advertising options include digital marketing strategies, paper ads, and online ads.

Logs to Riches

To scale your business, make sure to get to know your community and the demands of the market. Once you know your specialty and the type of customers you can serve, you'll be able to market to them. That'll have your logging business up and running in no time!

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