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How to Relieve Pain



By Delicia Warren

Suffering through extended periods of pain can be extremely draining and can begin to overwhelm even the strongest-willed people. Pain has a purpose; it alerts us when something has gone haywire in our body, such as a strain or sprain, but sometimes pain can linger unnecessarily for weeks or months, significantly reducing quality of life.

For those that are dealing with pain that may have overstayed its welcome, here are some non-invasive techniques that can significantly reduce the pain you feel, all without needing to take a pill.

Cold and Heat Therapy

This treatment is really awesome at helping to reduce pain for sprains and twisted joints, and combined together, they make an effective technique. Alternating between a hot pack and some ice works wonders, as the heat can expand blood vessels, encouraging blood flow through the affected area which encourages healing. The cold numbs the area which reduces pain, but it also reduces the blood flow, which can decrease inflammation and the swelling which is the main cause of the pain.


Sometimes, pain can be present and persistent because of a lack of mobility. Physical activity plays a huge role in breaking the vicious cycle of pain and going through good exercises can strengthen areas and make things better. Gentle activities such as walking, swimming, and light cycling can really aid pain and get the muscles warmed up enough to a point where pain is reduced.

CBD Lotions

CBD products are a great form of pain relief as they can affect certain receptors in the body to react to pain less, which can improve how things feel. CBD is also thought to be an excellent anti-inflammatory, meaning that it can reduce swelling and joint pain. The best way to use CBD for its pain relief properties is in the form of a lotion or hemp cream for pain, as this can be applied directly in the area of discomfort to provide instant relief to muscular aches. If the pain is more generalized, CBD can also be used as a vape to provide instantaneous relief. Do check to make sure you’re using good quality CBD before using it and consult your doctor before trying it to ensure you’re not allergic.


Yoga has becoming a pretty effective tool for combating pain as it combines breath control and takes your mind off of the painful sensations. Meditation is also great as it creates a better sense of control over your body as well as gentle movement which stretches your muscles and strengthens them, too. All these combine to not only help you overcome your injury and manage your pain, but they can also make you less susceptible to obtain another one. It can help all types of pain, ranging from mild headaches to lingering sports injuries and everything in between. [Just remember to wear your comfiest activewear leggings or pants so that you can move freely while minimizing sweat.]

Music Therapy

This may sound like a strange suggestion, but there have been studies to suggest that music can relieve pain both during and after surgery and childbirth. Classical music has been proven to work especially well, but even listening to your favorite record can distract you from some of the pain and discomfort you may be feeling.

If you have any concerns or questions about your type of injury and one of these non-invasive ideas, do check with your doctor before trying it to make sure it is appropriate for you.

Freelance writer, Delicia Warren, is passionate about the environment and the impact humans are having on the world around us. She's an advocate of holistic approaches to life's issues, including alternative medicines, as well as having an interest in helping individuals make small changes to their lifestyles to minimize their carbon footprint.

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