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How to Find Your Audience on Instagram


Reaching the right audience is one of the primary concerns that bloggers meet as they work on establishing their careers. Real Instagram followers that like, comment, and share your posts come only for the relevant content. So the first thing to do when you are on your way to becoming an influencer is researching to find out who your potential followers are. How to do that and how to attract the right audience to your content will be discovered in this article.

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Make a Decision

Before anything else, you must clearly understand what you can offer to the audience and who will be interested in it. Examining the sphere of influence that your content might have is vital to discover the most relevant methods to reach the public. So, your task here is to find a correlation between the content you want to create and potential recipients of it.

Examine the Demographics

Another critical task to do even before you have started your blog is to explore the platform's demographics. Instagram, in particular, is a photo-sharing app that is targeted at young adults as the focus group. However, the influence of this network now is expanded, so it is possible to find a wider variety of target groups, sorted by age, gender, profession, or any other characteristic that matters for your niche. More older people now discover Instagram as an essential source of information and shopping platform, as younger audiences flee to Tik Tok. So, you have to find out if your target group is represented on Instagram and if using this network is the most effective decision for you. To identify who is interested in your materials the most, constantly analyze the demographics of your profile using built-in features Instagram provides for businesses and creators.

Watch Your Followers

Another suitable method to discover the interests of your audience is to examine the behavior of your followers manually. Look through the profiles of your active subs:

  • What accounts do they follow
  • Are there more accounts of the same niche as yours
  • What influencers do they like

So, "stalk" your followers a bit (online research) to see what attracts them the most - the information you will gather is your base for further improvement of your account. Pay the most attention to users that are engaging with your content the most.

Ask Questions

Collecting feedback is important both for businesses and for nonprofits. Please don’t be shy to ask your loyal followers directly what attracts them to your content and motivates them to watch for your updates attentively. Communication with the audience is not only a perfect method to make notes for making your account better. Still, it is also a positive sign for new potential followers, who will notice that you care about the feelings of your subs. This is an excellent addition to your public image that will bring more newcomers to you.

Check Out the Competition

An essential aspect of your research is sneaking into the profiles of your competitors to discover their demographics. Note which content is the most interesting to the target audience and see how actively people interact with the creators and respond to various kinds of posts. You should especially pay attention to the comment section, as this is an important source of engagement on Instagram. Examine the discussion - the general mood, blogger's reaction, and if there is any constructive criticism.

Tip: if you see a lot of likes but an irrelevant number of comments, it is practical proof that the post's author has purchased likes for it. The number of likes, saves, and comments have to be somewhat correlated. Hence, there is no opportunity to use this information in your research.

Use Polls

Polls are a kind of sticker on Instagram stories that provide users with options to choose from. If you have a few ideas you want to try out, you can offer your followers to decide which one seems the most interesting for them. This is a kind of communication that improves the relationship between you and your audience, as they feel involved in creating the content they like. There are few options that can help you to collect valuable information about your public, and enhance your connection with them, as well as grow your engagement rate:

  • Poll
  • “Ask me anything”.

All these provide a variety of options that can be useful for you in many aspects and entertain your followers.

Be Attentive to the Criticism

Of course, all bloggers meet haters at different times of their dwelling on Instagram. It is impossible to be exciting and pleasant for everyone, so don’t take any hate too hard. However, people will share their opinion about your content, and some opinions can be negative. Such things happen when something goes wrong, and for you, it is a signal for active research. Always go forward and build a dialogue to see what causes a negative experience for viewers. Sometimes, it really is the wrong targeting, and users will explain the irrelevance of your materials to them. Two ways to go from here: change targeting settings or rework your content to reach a more vast group.

Follow Up Your Success

As you analyze your progress, see which practices gain the most engagement and show the growth of your account. Eliminate the least effective content with time and gradually increase the amount of the top materials. This is an easy method to maintain stable growth and attract the right audience without additional efforts. Of course, you still need a variety of posts to keep up the engagement rate, but frequent check-ups will help you to develop an utterly effective strategy.

Use Proper SEO

Hashtags in particular. In Instagram, hashtags indicate users' interests, especially since there is a possibility to follow your favorites. Look through the most popular hashtags in your niche and examine the audience that reacts to the results the most. Try to mix in some less popular hashtags, so your post will not be lost in thousands of similar uploads.

Mind the posting time as well. To appear on the most significant number of feeds, you have to understand when your target audience visits the platform and how much time they spend there on average.


To find a grateful audience and become a productive blogger, you must do a lot of research and constantly monitor your progress. Analyzing the behavior of the audience that you already have is also a must. Nevertheless, at some point, you should rely on your intuition and believe in the quality of your content - engaging and actual materials always attract many people.

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