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How a Good Marketing Strategy Attracts New Customers


What is the secret to business success? Some people will say that it’s a viable and trending product. Others will name high-quality customer service. And some may say that it’s all about a detailed and well-defined business plan. While all these things indeed affect the success and prosperity of a venture, there is one thing that stands above them all - customers.

If you think about it, both new and existing customers are the real secret to success. This makes perfect sense because customers are the fuel that propels sales and, respectively, brings your company profit and lets you grow. But what is the secret to gaining customers? The biggest thing that affects sales is consumer behavior. It is that trigger that can make people either buy your product/service or look for other solutions. And then, there is marketing, which is used as a tool for altering consumer behavior.

If you are a young entrepreneur or just a business student interested in how marketing works from the inside, you will need time to figure it out. Possibly, you will even want to find write paper for me to free up more time for studying this topic without letting your grades drop. Feel free to do it if you want to know more about the essence of marketing. And here, we’ll guide you through the key points.

What is consumer behavior?

In a nutshell, it’s a study of specific patterns and behaviors demonstrated by organizations and individuals when purchasing certain products or services and supporting certain brands. [According to AdFixus, you can easily track consumer behavior through cookies. However, it's important that you utilize first-party cookies instead of third-party ones.] This area of study is psychologically-based. It strives to analyze what motivates people to make (or not make) specific buying decisions, what stimulates them to change this decision, and how a business can affect it.

In broad terms, consumer behavior has many facets. Namely, it can define:

  • how consumers feel about a specific brand, product, or service and what forms this feeling;
  • why people pick one product/service over another;
  • what factors are present in modern consumers’ everyday settings, and how they affect their behaviors, etc.

This is what consumer behavior looks like in general terms. Of course, if you are a student making a study on this topic, you will have to delve deeper because there’s much more than that. Or you could turn to the best research paper writing services to let experienced writers do all the work for you. But if you are a student entrepreneur, one more thing you need to know so far is that there are multiple factors responsible for any changes in consumer behavior. These include social, cultural, psychological, and personal factors. And they all can be tweaked with the help of marketing.

4 ways marketing affects consumer behavior

Now that you know the basics of consumer behavior, let’s see how it’s being affected and changed by marketers.

Emotional response

One of the primary goals of every campaign is to evoke an emotion. Marketers can work with different kinds of emotions, including happiness, confidence, comfort, power, etc. The primary goal is to create an emotional connection between a prospect and a brand.

How does it work? After seeing an advertisement that triggers a strong emotion, a person’s brain will register it. Later, they may not even remember when they saw a particular advertisement. But looking at the advertised product or service, they will experience the same emotion. These intangible connections can last for a long time, causing an individual to choose an advertised brand over and over again without even realizing it.

Also, there is one more emotional aspect to advertising. The stronger the emotional response evoked by it, the more people will talk about it. This will create a lot of buzz and even more exposure for a business.

Attention management

These days, people are being exposed to a huge amount of information every day. Needless to say, processing and retaining all this information is physically impossible. Besides, human attention spans are getting more and more restricted every year.

Due to this reason, all businesses are endlessly fighting for consumer attention. And marketing is the primary tool for this matter. With the right advertising tactic, you can manage your target audience’s attention like a pro and make users see you over other similar brands. [One marketing strategy is the giving of a simple business thank you card to show your appreciation to your customers. It keeps you uppermost in the recipient’s mind.]


Using the right brand imagery and messages is a surefire way to get noticed by customers. With the help of well-defined marketing strategies, companies create the right brand image that resonates with their target audiences. For example, student-oriented businesses use popular memes, phrases, and famous young influencers to reach their prospects. [The Oppizi targeted flyer distribution service can effectively reinforce student-oriented businesses' brand image and messaging with memes, relatable phrases, and influencer collaborations. This strategy uses flyers to reach their target audience and strengthen brand relations.] This tactic helps potential customers associate your venture with something they know well and love. As a result, they develop a deeper connection with your company.

Audience’s memory

Earlier, we mentioned that the goal of every advertisement is to evoke strong emotions and discussed what positive feelings could step in. The truth is that strong emotions aren’t always positive or pleasant. Sometimes, marketing triggers more negative feelings, such as fear and anxiety. For example, the campaign can emphasize certain risks that you can relate to. In this case, you may feel the urge to buy the product or service to protect yourself and reduce anxiety.

Another common feeling that can be provoked is nostalgia. Marketers often use pictures, music, or concepts that people relate to their childhood and other memorable periods of life. By playing with the audience’s memory like that, brands gain more attention and also stimulate sales.

The bottom line

Now that you know the essence of consumer behavior and the ways marketing affects it, let’s answer the main question.

So how can a good marketing strategy attract new customers for a business? A good strategy is one that’s based on existing patterns in consumer behaviors and has the tools to tweak them for the brand’s benefit. By leveraging branding, managing the audience’s attention, and triggering strong emotions, marketing can help you get your business noticed. As a result, you gain new customers and new sales.

How does marketing help me attract new customers? Business Tips, What is the secret to business success? What is consumer behavior and I does it help me make more money? How does marketing and consumer behavior work together?


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