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Homeless man collapses in Tom Staley Park


Apopka EMS transports him to hospital

img_0246 Apopka Police, Fire and EMS responded this afternoon to a call for help at Tom Staley Park where a homeless man fell out of his wheelchair and did not gain consciousness. According to neighbors who live adjacent to the park and witnesses at the scene, the man's name is Royce Newell. According to witness accounts, Newell fell out of his wheelchair and passed out. Despite EMS efforts, he did not regain consciousness, but still had a pulse. Newell was transported to Florida Hospital - Apopka by EMS, according to a witness who described himself as a friend to Newell.

"Royce is here everyday," said a resident of the small apartment complex that is adjacent to the park who asked not to be identified. "We try to give him food or get help for him, but he won't take it."

"He was just sitting in his wheelchair when all of a sudden he leaned forward and passed out," said an eyewitness who also asked not to be identified. "I hope he will be alright."

Two other witnesses who lived nearby and who also asked not to be identified debated the level of service for the homeless in Apopka.img_0248

"This situation just keeps getting worse," said another apartment resident. "The City should do more to help these people."

"It's not their fault when Royce won't take the help offered," said a nearby witness. "So many of us have tried to help him, but he won't accept it. The City has reached out too, but he refuses."

Tom Staley Park is at 211 East Third Street in Apopka. It is maintained by the Orange County Parks and Recreation Department. It is well known for having a large homeless presence, particularly during the day, according to all of the neighbors and witnesses who contributed to this report.

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