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Home Buyers Move South For More Space In A Warmer Climate


By Cindy Cummings

As the housing market has picked up over the summer, 950 people are relocating to Florida every day. Throughout the US, there is a general trend of moving away from the north and midwest to southern states such as Texas and Florida, where homebuyers are attracted by larger, luxurious properties in warmer climates. Towns like Apopka, one of Florida’s emerging residential development hotspots, are appealing to buyers from northern states looking to move away from congested cities to find a house with the potential for a home office, luxurious gym, and greater recreational outdoor space in which to enjoy the sunnier weather.

Developing Substantial Outdoor Space

Across the country, sales of large homes are up 21% as people seek out properties with more substantial footprints. One in five purchasers are looking in particular for more outdoor space, and these trends have also caused a surge in new construction sales to meet the needs of demanding home buyers. In southern states, home builders create ranch style homes that are built to accommodate these requirements. Whether remodeled or constructed from scratch, airy homes with wrap-around porches accommodate the warmer climate while blending indoor and outdoor living. Set on more substantial plots, these properties offer the opportunity to develop larger outdoor spaces by creating areas for comfortable entertaining and al fresco cooking, pools and ponds, and even enclosures for animals.

Creating Flexible Indoor Space

Once only seen as luxury additions to a property, sumptuous gyms and spacious home offices are now being prioritized by home buyers. Developers are meeting the needs of their clients by including flexible and spacious open-plan layouts. Purchasers can reconfigure areas to suit their requirements, creating private offices for working from home or a separate entertainment area where families can relax together without having to leave the house. Whether designed from scratch or set up in an existing room, more homeowners are also looking at installing luxurious home gyms as an investment in their home as well as their health.

As home buyers seek out space in warmer climates, builders are responding by constructing larger homes with open play layouts that allow for a wide range of uses. This flexibility is extended to the surrounding lot that can be developed to provide the luxurious outdoor living areas that homeowners are so craving.

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