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Hole in fence divides Apopka neighborhood


Vick's Landing is a peaceful subdivision just to the north of Apopka High School. It has an active Homeowners Association that has regular meetings, charges annual dues and sends out notices when lawns get out of control.

But a hole cut in a chain link fence that separates Vick's Landing from Apopka High School has created a neighborhood divide.

Hole in Fence 09.06.2016The opening is behind a house rented from a California-based company. It provides a shortcut for students traveling to and from Apopka High School. It is so convenient that it is being used by students who do not live in Vick's Landing. And some of the students are picked up and dropped off by drivers wanting to avoid the traffic jam at the high school.

Some of the residents in Vick's Landing are fine with the shortcut, but others want the fence fixed.

Donnie Wilkes owns the house next to the hole. He was the victim of a burglary in August. Two Apopka High School students used the hole in their effort to avoid arrest, according to an eyewitness. Wilkes wants the chain link fence behind his house repaired so students will stop using it as a shortcut.

β€œIt has been that way for a couple of years,” Wilkes told The Apopka Voice. β€œI wish they would fix that.”

Mike Dornin lives a few houses from the hole. He has seen students come through and check cars parked on the street looking for unlocked doors. He has also observed students using the hole during school hours to meet other students on Vicks Landing Drive. After an exchange is made the students return to school through the hole.

Matthew Arnold, the new Principal of Apopka High School is aware of the hole. He told The Apopka Voice that a parent reported it, and his investigation confirmed that the fence belongs to Orange County Public Schools. He has placed a work order and expects the OCPS maintenance department to fix it soon.

When told that the hole would be fixed soon Dornin said, "That sounds great. But I lived here for 12 years and the hole has been fixed at least four times."


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