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Hershey Introduces Carrot Cake Kisses for Easter


When you think of Easter candy, you probably think of Peeps, chocolate bunnies, jellybeans and, of course, Cadbury Creme Eggs. This Easter, you may be adding Carrot Cake Hershey kisses to your shopping list.

The Consumerist reports that the new candy features a white-chocolate base and a bright orange coating.

You can only find these candies at Wal-Mart and they will only be available for a limited time.

The Hershey Kiss isn’t the only candy getting an Easter make-over. Other limited edition Easter candies include: Easter Sundae M&Ms, Malt M&Ms Mini Eggs, strawberry-flavored Starburst jelly beans and three types of Mystery Peeps.

“For these Easter-only boxes, the chicks shed their signature neon colors so customers have to guess the flavors based on taste (last year’s two Mystery Peeps turned out to be fruit punch and sour green apple). Other brand-new marshmallow launches from Peeps include a variety of chocolate-dipped fruits flavors (blueberry, raspberry, etc.) at Target, cotton candy at Walgreen’s, plus Orange Delight (orange marshmallows covered in orange fudge) and Lime Delight (lime marshmallows covered in lime fudge),” reports TODAY.

Will you try these Easter inspired sweets?

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