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Healthy Living is All You Need in Your Life


By Muhammad Tayyab

The global pandemic has taught us that good health is the most important asset that any human can have at this point of time. This includes both physical and mental health. The world is now truly about survival of the fittest. If you have not moved towards a healthier lifestyle already, it is high time you do so. Here are some tips that will help you in your healthy living journey.

Stay Positive

Health is not about a healthy heart or a lean body. It covers your overall physical and mental wellbeing. As a matter of fact, your physical health is directly dependent on your mental health. Researches have proved that stress, depression and other mental health issues are known triggers of eating disorders, cardiac issues and other health issues. Therefore, when it comes to switching to a healthy lifestyle, your mental health should be your top priority. The global pandemic has caused many people to end up with mental health issues given the lockdowns and financial crunch.

It is important that you find ways to keep yourself positive and happy. Cut down negativity in your life. Block out people who bring you down. If you are feeling low, find activities that can give you a mood uplift. Yoga and meditation are great ways to bring down your stress levels. Find a hobby such as gardening, painting, crafting etc. that you find therapeutic. Watch a comedy movie over a slice of pizza or read a motivational book. Uplift your surroundings with good d├ęcor and scented candles to enhance your mood.

Sleep Well

A good uninterrupted sleep is essential for both your mind and body. Sleep deprivation can lead to mood swings, poor brain efficiency and skin issues such as dark circles along with several other health issues. It is recommend that an average person should sleep for a minimum of eight (8) hours uninterrupted. The better you sleep, the better your brain will function when you wake up. Make sure the room that you sleep in has a comfortable temperature and a cozy bed and a duvet. The mattresses and pillows should be able to give the right support to your back and neck. Ideally use down feather mattresses and duvet and a high thread count pure cotton sheets for best results.

Eat Healthy

Your eating habits play a key role in setting a tone for your physical and mental health and also your overall immunity. As the world struggles with the pandemic and with the new variants coming in everyday, building your immunity levels should be your top priority. Data has proven that people with overall good body health and higher immunity were better equipped to fight the virus and usually did not need to be hospitalized.

Healthy eating is important for all body types and not just for obese people. Moreover, healthy eating does not mean starvation. It means fulfilling your daily calorie intake in a balanced manner. Your diet should be rich in calcium, vitamins, proteins and fiber. Besides that a little carbs and goods fats can be added. If you are obese and used to munching at odd times, granola bars and cucumbers are some of the best snacks for weight loss.

Fix Your Habits

A lot of our daily activities that we are careless about end up being a major culprit behind our poor health. Late night parties, too much screen time, smoking and alcohol are some common examples of poor habits. Try to eliminate these from your life as much as possible. Go to bed early, enjoy the fresh air and sunlight early in the morning. Replace sodas with fresh juices and say good-bye to alcohol. Set a routine and follow it consistently.

Be Active

Physical activity is essential for a healthy and happy body. Join a fitness club or take up a sports activity that you enjoy. Take the staircase and avoid elevators. Cycle to college and workplaces instead of using a vehicle. The more active your muscles are, the better your blood circulation will be.

Pamper Yourself

Even when all is set and sorted you still need to do something extra to feel good about yourself. Treat yourself with a pampering session. Go to a spa and have a nice pedicure and a body massage. Have a hair makeover if you want a refreshing change. It is great for stress relief and uplifts your mood.

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