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Group Flood Insurance: How It Works


From the Federal Emergency Management Agency

If you are a survivor of Hurricane Irma, have flood damage, and no flood insurance coverage, you may receive a Group Flood Insurance Policy (GFIP) if you claimed disaster assistance for a home or personal belongings.

You may receive Group Flood Insurance coverage if you:

  • Live in a flood-prone area;
  • Do not have flood insurance;
  • Suffered property damage from Hurricane Irma flooding;
  • Are approved for FEMA disaster assistance; and
  • Were denied a loan from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

If you meet all these conditions, you will receive Group Flood Insurance coverage for a three-year period. The 36-month GFIP policy term begins 60 days after the date of the presidential disaster declaration, which was Sept. 10, 2017 for Hurricane Irma. The premium will be part of your FEMA disaster assistance grant.

Renters will also receive Group Flood Insurance if they intend to return to their rental property. However, they must first notify FEMA of their intent to return by submitting a written statement or calling the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) helpline at 800-621-3362.

Group Flood Insurance provides coverage up to $33,300. You can upgrade your coverage by purchasing an individual flood insurance policy. If you choose to purchase an individual policy, your Group Flood Insurance will be canceled.

If you were affected by Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and qualified for Group Flood Insurance, you may already have coverage. To get more information or to make a claim, call the NFIP direct servicing agency at 800-638-6620.

FEMA gives GFIP recipients a notice 60 days prior to the three-year policy expiration and a final notice when coverage has been terminated. When a GFIP expires, you will be responsible for obtaining and maintaining flood insurance on your own. Failure to maintain flood insurance will affect your eligibility for future disaster assistance.

Individual coverage becomes effective 30 days following NFIP’s receipt of the applicant’s name and premium payment from either the local, state, territorial, tribal government, or FEMA.

For more information regarding the Group Flood Insurance program or flood insurance in general, call the NFIP call center at 800-427-4661 or go online to www.fema.gov/national-flood-insurance-program.