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FPL shares ways to save as cold weather sets in


As temperatures dip, Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) encourages Florida residents to prepare for colder weather, which may lead to increased energy usage. Coupled with several other factors, including the high cost of natural gas, one of the fuels used to make electricity, customers may see their energy bills rise as we move into the new year.

When temperatures drop into the 40s or even lower, customers may turn to their heating equipment which can increase their energy usage significantly. Heating can use two to three times more energy than cooling. FPL is here to help and offers the following tips, which can lead to savings of up to $17 a month on your energy bill during winter months.

When heating your home, set your thermostat to 68 degrees. Every degree above 68 can add up to 10% in heating costs.

As an alternative to heating the entire home, you can stay warm and save money by using space heaters and electric blankets. Use space heaters safely – only use units with a thermostat and only in small areas while you are in the room. Always keep away from children and pets and avoid using an extension cord to power them.

Use the sun to heat your home by keeping your south-facing windows clean and curtains open during the day and closed at night.

Keep your water heater temperature to 120 degrees to still provide plenty of hot water while saving money.

Monitor your daily and monthly usage on the FPL app or on FPL.com/takecontrol.
Use an FPL Participating Independent Contractor (PIC) to install a new energy-efficient A/C unit and save $150 instantly. For additional savings, you may apply for a tax credit administered by the IRS. Learn about how a new A/C unit and other residential renewable energy products qualify for these federal tax credits.

In time for the colder weather, FPL has launched a winter edition of the House of Savings, an innovative, interactive tool that uses augmented reality to help customers learn how to save on their monthly bills. This free resource, which can be found on FPL.com/takecontrol, has been updated to feature winter-specific tips, helping customers learn how to stay warm and still save.

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