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Former Abortionist to Speak at 40 Days for Life on Saturday


Today Dr. Haywood Robinson practices family medicine in College Station, Texas. But during his residency, Dr. Robinson received abortion training while on the obstetrics and gynecology service. Discussion regarding the ethics of these procedures or instruction regarding alternatives was not part of the training.

speechflyer2016smPerforming abortion required so little effort and everyone was doing it. No one seemed to have a problem with it, so why should he?

The pay was substantial so he and his future wife, Noreen, moonlighted in abortion clinics.

Shortly after marriage and completing their residency programs, Dr. Robinson and his wife, Noreen, came to the saving knowledge of Christ, and were soon convicted by God’s word which exposed the living lie they led as hired killers of preborn children.

Today, Dr. Robinson and his wife share their testimony nationwide to expose the facts of the abortion industry and to be a voice for the unborn.

The 40 Days for Life campaign returned to Orlando with 40 days of prayer and fasting, peaceful vigil and community outreach,” said Irene Doyle, who is coordinating the local campaign.40 days children “We pray that these efforts will help mark the beginning of the end of abortion in Orlando.” Irene Doyle said, “We know 40 Days for Life has made a difference in the lives of women here. Our volunteers have made extraordinary sacrifices to expose the abortion industry and to protect children and their mothers from abortion.”

The 2016 40-Day prayer vigil began on Ash Wednesday, February 10th.

40 Days for Life is a peaceful, highly-focused, non-denominational initiative that focuses on 40 days of prayer and fasting, peaceful vigil at abortion facilities, and grassroots educational outreach. The 40-day time frame is drawn from examples throughout Biblical history.

The campaign is being held in the public right-of-way outside Planned Parenthood at 726 S. Tampa Ave., Orlando, FL 32805.

All peaceful, law-abiding, members of the public are invited to join the effort at www.40daysforlife.com/orlando, but must be willing to sign a Statement of Peace, pledging to conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner at all times.




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