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Final Task Force Meeting Tonight


A little less than four months ago, violence erupted in South Apopka with three shooting deaths of residents in the span of eight days. In response to that, a group of concerned citizens formed the Apopka Community Task Force on Violence. Typically a task force is the creation of an elected official or a governing body, but this grass roots effort seemed to take shape in an almost organic nature.

The final Apopka Community Task Force on Violence meeting is tonight at 6:00 p.m. at the John Bridges Center located at 445 West 13th Street in Apopka.

The event is entitled: Final Community Listening Meeting

It’s facilitated by Co-Chairs Rod Love and Ken Wilson, who are hoping for an interactive workshop tonight, driven by the community who will identify the problems and develop proposed solutions to be submitted to area leaders to address community based needs, i.e., mentoring programs, crime prevention activities, job coaching and placement as well gender specific services for males and females, according to Love.

"The community has a role and a responsibility to play in this issue," said Love. "But I think our elected officials have a role to play as well. I'm hoping to conclude this task force with a lot of great ideas and solutions tonight...just as we have gotten at every event throughout the three months of our work."

Tracy Maxwell, a retired military trainer, is an expert in the area of enhancing and developing alternative programs for youth. He will open the evening with a motivational speech. Maxwell is a dynamic and charismatic speaker based in Ocala, according to Love.

Dr. Randy Nelson, a researcher and professor at Bethune-Cookman University, will also speak. Dr. Nelson is a nationally recognized law enforcement trainer in the area of community and law enforcement engagement techniques.

The Task Force is encouraging clergy and civic leaders to come out and participate with constituents and hear their concerns as well as their proposed solutions.

Apopka Community Task Force on violence


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