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Feeling meh about the outdoors? Glamping startups are here to help



From The Hustle
These are dark days for people who can’t stand getting dirt on their clothes.

The only real getaway this summer is camping -- but if you’re like me, the prospect of falling asleep to the sound of neighboring tenters using the outhouse isn’t exactly a draw.

Thankfully, there’s some good news: Campers who want an outdoor adventure without all the pesky nature still have options.

They’re turning to startups like Tentrr, an Airbnb-like platform where hosts who own 15+ acres of property rent out the land for the night.

Most Tentrr bookings come with plenty of perks -- an air mattress, cookware, food storage, a private outdoor toilet, and fresh linens.

Does 15 acres to yourself seem excessive?

Then you can try out the lower-key Hipcamp, which offers up camping rentals in backyards of 2+ acres. If you’re feeling really wild, Hipcamp also lists yurts, farmhouses, treehouses, and cottages.

On Hipcamp, you can filter listings based on the availability of WiFi, showers, restrooms, or proximity to a swimming hole or a hot spring. And business is booming. This May, host earnings were up 3x year over year.

Need a bit more cottagecore?

Take a peek at Getaway, a startup offering rentals of upscale small cabins to exhausted urbanities. Bookings were up ~400% in March, according to Vox.

This isn’t your grandma’s cabin in the woods: Every Getaway home has hot water, A/C and heat, a private bathroom, a picnic table, a 2-burner stove, and “space to connect.”

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