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Faith dominates at the Olympics


Faith dominates at the Olympics

Swimmer Michael Phelps, the American hurdling team, track star Allyson Felix, runner Usain Bolt, gymnast Simone Biles, and a surprising number of other Olympic athletes have cited Christian faith as a driving motivation in their lives and achievements in Rio.

Here are some links to a few inspiring stories that NBC did not tell:

Gwen Jorgensen 'Focuses On God', Wins Gold

American Hurdlers Credit God for 1-2-3 Sweep

BBC Ignores Olympian Usain Bolt's Commitment to Christ

Read even more using this link.

NBC did get this one right. “Divers Johnson and Boudia rely on faith to put minds at ease.

But the most visible display of faith at the games came from the Fiji rugby team, who celebrated their country's first ever gold medal with a rousing chorus of a Christian hymn.

NBC didn’t quite get it. The full caption of the NBC video reads, “The Figi men’s rugby team sang in celebration after winning the gold medal."

What were they singing? A gospel hymn called “E Da SA Qaqa.”

Some of the lyrics:

“We have overcome,

We have overcome.

By the blood of the lamb in the Word of the Lord

We have overcome.”

Use this link to watch the inspiring moment.




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