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Sean Davis & Paul Neff met in Jacksonville 2 years ago.

Sean Davis posted a photo of a cat named Shadow on his Facebook page November 3rd. The next day he posted a photo of his breakfast. On November 5th he talked to his sister Ruth Charlene Davis about weekend plans.

"I was in a play," she said. I asked him to come and see it."

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"I just put $350 into repairs on my car," he told her. "And I have (golf) tee times Friday, Saturday, and Sunday."

"You can come to another play," she told her brother. "There will be plenty of others."

"It was the last time I ever talked to him," she said.

A few hours later, Davis' roommate Paul Neff shot him to death. The news shocked his sister.

"There was nothing ominous about our last conversation," she said. "I don't know what could have happened."

According to Davis' sister, he and Neff met in Jacksonville in 2013. Davis provided handy man services for Neff, as well as caddied for him (in golf tournaments) and rented houses and rooms from Neff over the course of the last two years. She is not sure how her brother ended up as roommates with Neff in Apopka.

Neff, 56, fired the lone gunshot that killed Davis on November 5th at their rented condominium on Villa Lane in the Errol Estate subdivision in Apopka. Neff called the APD after he shot Davis, 46, around 8:30 p.m., police said.

Neff told authorities he shot Davis, but said it was in self-defense, according to Orlando Police Sgt. Daniel Brady, who heads the Joint Homicide Investigation Team (JHIT). The Apopka Police Department (APD) is a part of that joint task force.

Repeated attempts by The Apopka Voice to contact Neff were unsuccesful.

Brady said no one else witnessed the shooting and that Davis was pronounced dead at the scene of the incident.

Davis had several brushes with the law over the years. He was convicted of robbery and resisting arrest in 2001 in Nassau County, Florida for robbing a bank. Davis was unarmed, but ran away with money before being arrested a short time later, authorities said. In December of 2013, he was arrested for Disorderly Intoxication and Resisting Arrest Without Violence. He served 114 days in jail. He was also paying restitution to Neff for damage to a property he was renting in Winter Haven in 2013 according to Davis' sister.

"He was no angel, but he was a good guy," said his sister. "He didn't deserve to die this way."

Brady said they have not arrested Neff, and the final results of the JHIT investigation will be forwarded to the State Attorney's Office.


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