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Errol Golf Course Improvements Begin


While other courses in Central Florida are closing, Errol Golf Course makes improvements.


This is a sign that has become an all-too-common sight for central Florida golfers. But golfers at the course at Errol Estate are seeing a different sign.

errol golf course hole closed


That is the sign Week-day golfers will see during Phase 1 of a multi-phase improvement program has begun at Apopka Golf & Tennis at Errol. Hole by hole a new irrigation system is being installed.

In January we reported that the Errol golf course had started the New Year by trading their electric carts for a fleet of new, gas-powered golf carts. That was the first of several improvements planned at Apopka Golf & Tennis at Errol Estate.

Next on the agenda: Replacing the 45-year old irrigation system. The old system was "state-of'-the-art" when it was installed, but the art has changed.

Apopka Golf and Tennis at Errol Estate contracted with Clifton, Ezell and Clifton Golf Design Group to update and adapt the original 1970's hydraulic controlled irrigation system to a new, state-of-the-art RainBird electric Integrated Control Technology (I/C) system.

The I/C system allows for direct two-way communication between the individual field rotor and computer. This individual head control provides the course site specific control allowing for better water management and water conservation.

New part-circle heads are being installed around all putting greens. These are known as "Ins & Outs" in the golf industry. This helps reduce watering cycles on greens while allowing more moisture on greens surrounds and approaches.

A new Centralized Computer Control system has been installed. The new system is up and working on Holes 17 and 18 as well as the Driving Range and Practice Area.

New isolation valves are being added to allow for quicker repairs. In the past the entire system had to be shut down to make repairs. Mainline upgrades are planned to provide better water delivery and pressure throughout the course.

According to Ken Ezell, principle with CEC, "The Forensic Discovery Period on this 40 plus old system was extensive and challenging. The rewards of more precise water application will yield better turf conditions and save on water and electricity."



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