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Election Update - Precincts running out of ballots


Election Day Update

Several Polling Places in Apopka and throughout Orange County are running out of Republican ballots according to sources at several precincts. Reports at the The Apopka Golf and Tennis at Errol (precinct #232), Orange County Services Building (precinct #234) and The Word of Life Church (precinct #237) are that each of them ran out of ballots for periods up to an hour. Precincts #232 and 237 are the two largest polling places in Apopka, with 4307 and 3656 voters eligible to vote at those sites respectively.

But these issues are not isolated to Apopka, they are countywide. Orange County election officials are sending additional ballots to precincts throughout the county. According to reports at precinct #232, ballots were delivered within an hour of running out. There was also an issue with voting machines at precinct #232 which was resolved within an hour as the polls opened.

The Apopka Voice will continue to update you on Election Day news as we receive reports.

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