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Elected Officials Visit Apopka Art and Foliage Festival


It was reminiscent of a parade. Elected Officials representing and serving Apopka were easy to spot. Some were in the ribbon cutting ceremony, others were visiting the many booths and exhibits.

  • Mayor Joe Kilsheimer
  • Commissioner Bill Arrowsmith
  • Commissioner Diane Velazquez
  • Commissioner-elect Doug Bankson
  • Commissioner-elect Kyle Becker
  • Congressman John Mica
  • State Representative Jennifer Sullivan
  • Orange County School Board Member Christine Moore
  • Orange County School Superientnenand Barbara Jenkins

Did you see them today? If not, here is your chance:

elected officials Miss Apopka, Sarah Davis, cuts the ribbon with the help of (from left to right), Diane Valazquez, Jennifer Sullivan, John Mica, Barbara Jenkins, Bill Arrowsmith, Joe Kilsheimer, and Christine Moore.

elected officials From left to right: Christine Moore, Barbara Jenkins, Diane Velazquez, and Jennifer Sullivan.

Elected officials Apopka City Commissioner-elect Kyle Becker (on right)

elected officials Left to Right - Jane Yeackle (Sullivan's grandmother), Jennifer Sullivan, Bill Arrowsmith, and Janine Arrowsmith

elected officials Joe Kilsheimer (left) and Commissioner-elect Doug Bankson




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