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Efforts to fix Vick's Landing fence thwarted, for now


Earlier this month The Apopka Voice reported on a problem created by a hole in the perimeter fence around Apopka High School. According to residents in Vick's Landing, the hole on the fence on the southeast side of the neighborhood has existed for years and is the catalyst for crime.

Donnie Wilkes owns the house next to the hole. He was the victim of a burglary in August. Two Apopka High School students used the hole in their effort to avoid arrest, according to an eyewitness. “It has been that way for a couple of years,” Wilkes told The Apopka Voice. “I wish they would fix that.”

Mike Dornin lives a few houses from the hole. He has observed students using the hole during school hours to meet other students on Vicks Landing Drive. After a "hand-to-hand" exchange is made the students return to school through the hole.

According to Orange County Public School spokesperson Lauren Roth, several steps have been taken to cure the situation:

  • The hole has been fixed twice in the last week. OCPS is aware that the temporary repairs have been vandalized and plan to patch it again, but a more permanent fix using a higher-gauge fencing will likely take several weeks.
  • The Apopka Police Department has been notified of the recent vandalism.
  • Apopka High School yesterday sent a message to parents letting them know that students may not be dropped off or picked up in Vick’s Landing to go to school.
  • This morning, the AHS School Resource Officer turned away several students who were attempting to enter school in that area.
  • Monitoring in the area will continue around school opening and closing times.
  • The possibility of installing a camera is being considered

Mike Dornin is glad to see some action being taken.

"You would think OCPS would be able to secure one small hole in their perimeter."


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