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Donna’s Deals: Make a Million Bucks by Playing with Toys


donnas-deals-1One family took playing with toys to a whole new level. And just for videoing their children playing with toys, they have now made a million bucks. How’s that for taking a video of your children at play?

Mark and Rhea with the You Tube channel of “ilovemaything” can often have a video that will have 15K views in one day. According to the Tubefilter, an online service that ranks YouTube users,the couple has ranked in the top 50 of YouTube users with 26 million viewers in just one week!

The majority of their videos feature their kids playing with Thomas the Tank. They produce and upload two videos a day. Read more about this family at Yahoo.

Here are seven steps on monetizing YouTube videos from the Guardian.

Don’t just follow trends- Don’t be a copycat,find something original.

Be patient in the early days– No one becomes a sensation after one video upload.

It’s worth investing in equipment-You can always start with a smart phone but eventually plan to invest in more equipment.

You don’t necessarily need a large crew

Invest time in Social Media-You need to spend as much time on Twitter and Facebook interacting with your fans as you do on YouTube.

Collaborate, but bring something original to the table-One of the proven ways for YouTubers to build their audiences is by collaborating with one another, with emerging channels able to quickly pick up subscribers through a canny collab with a bigger star

Consider Multiple Channels as You Grow-Avoid the one size fits all approach by launching more than one channel. Read more at The Guardian.

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