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Does CNN's quiz really test your knowledge of Christianity?


CNN is using a quiz to promote its new shows, "Finding Jesus" and "Believer." The quiz is portrayed as a test of one's knowledge of Christianity and the Bible.

But is it?

Let's look at the questions CNN is asking (these are multiple-choice questions):

Which South Asian country did Thomas reach?

Which dish is prepared in massive amounts in Haux, France, on what's known as Easter Monday?

Methuselah is the longest-living person mentioned. How old was he when he died?

Which common household item do Norwegians hide to keep evil spirits at bay on Christmas eve?

Which body of water did Jesus walk on?

How long was Pope Urban VII in power?

In the Belgian town of Binche, which objects are thrown at revelers on Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras)?

Which European city is home to a relic purported to be the veil worn by the Virgin Mary at Jesus' birth?

Which African nation has a church that purportedly houses the Ark of the Covenant?

Which of these animal has become to symbolizes immortality?

At the end you get your score and then are told, "If you want to brush up on your knowledge of Christianity, tune into the CNN Original Series "Finding Jesus" at 9 ET Sunday nights, followed by "Believer" at 10."

Sorry CNN, but there are only two questions (#3 and #5), that have anything to do with the Bible. Most of these are about local traditions.

Use this link if you want to take the CNN Quiz: Do you have faith in your knowledge of Christianity?

Use this link if you want to take real bible quizes.



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