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Doctor shares helpful insights to keep children safe this summer during COVID-19


From the AdventHealth Newsroom

Dr. Michael Keating, chief medical officer at AdventHealth for Children, shared during last week’s FaceTime Live morning briefing series about the decline in parents taking their kids to important medical appointments — including for vaccines and emergencies — out of fear they will contract COVID-19. He shared what physicians are doing to keep everyone safe, and also gave pointers on what’s safe and unsafe for children this summer.

Here are three of his key precautions:

(1) Keep up with children’s routine health care appointments and physicals. Pediatricians are seeing a decline in the number of young patients who would typically be seen for routine care and well-child checkups. Fear should not keep you or your family from going to a doctor’s office or hospital. Extra precautions and enhanced safety measures are in place to keep you safe if you need to be seen in office. Telehealth visits are also available.

(2) Continue to follow social distancing, handwashing and masking guidelines for children. It is getting harder to sequester children as the pandemic wears on. Children need to be able to get outdoors and socialize, play and exercise. Use common sense in how you let your children interact with others and continue to take safety precautions. Don’t feel guilty if your family is following guidelines and others are not as cautious.

(3) Be observant of your child’s mental health and notice behavioral changes. Children and their families are coping with extreme levels of stress and anxiety during these difficult times. Some children may not be able to articulate how they are feeling and internalize their fears. Behavioral and mood changes may signal your child is struggling with mental health issues.

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