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By Christine Webb

Have the distractions of life gotten you down? Do you feel like your life is full of noise and not true meaning? I want you to be encouraged and have hope today. There's a way to get rid of all those distractions -- and it's important to do so.

12747278_901708493231149_8212149833067295514_oLook at Caleb's face. This picture is when he was a puppy. Oh he was so small and so cute! (He still is!)

When he was a puppy I would take him on a very busy road to train him. It wouldn't be for long, probably only a minute or two, but I wanted him to learn a great lesson. I didn't want him to be afraid and that I was always there and I didn't want him to be distracted by all the noises around him.

I was so amazed at how he kept looking up at me when I would put him down to walk. With all the noise of traffic, Caleb would get closer so his body was touching my leg and his eyes were constantly on me. We came to a traffic light and immediately he sat down. I praised him and hugged him -- he did such a good job listening and being attentive.

Now two years later, when we go out on walks, he actually does the best when there is a lot of noise. He zones in, gets closer and always pays attention to where I am.

I love my sweet boy. I would absolutely do anything for him. I want to protect him, guide him and nuture him. Most importantly I want him to know all the time, he's loved.

This scenario reminds me of something important.

God wants you to know He loves you. You are His child and His responsibility. He does not want you in danger. It's so important that we lean on Him, and look to him, especially when things get busy or we feel distracted.

Jesus is our good Shepherd. John writes, "My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me." (John 10:27)

Through all the distractions of life, through all the problems, it's so important to keep our eyes on Jesus. He loves you. He will lead you through whatever you are facing today. He will guide you. When those distractions start happening, run to Him. Stay by His side.

Spend some time reading The Bible. Start in Psalms or the Book of John if you don't know where to go. But make the time -- it's worth it and God will never let you down.

Have hope. Be encouraged and know you are loved.

"I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep" - John 10:11


Christine Webb - Asbury Theological Seminary



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