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Apopka Shooting

Developing Story: 11-year-old shoots two 13-year-olds at Northwest Recreational Facility in Apopka


Gun violence broke out at the Northwest Recreational Facility last night as an 11-year-old youth, allegedly in a verbal dispute, shot two other youths, both 13 years old. Officers from the Apopka Police Department later arrested and charged the juvenile.

The Apopka Police Department released the following statement this afternoon:

"After completing their investigation, investigators have arrested an eleven-year old for Attempted Second Degree Murder in the shooting at the Northwest  Recreation Complex. The eleven-year old removed the firearm from a vehicle and fired one round that struck both victims.  

One victim, thirteen years old, was treated at Arnold Palmer Hospital for a gunshot  wound to the arm and has been released. The second victim, also thirteen years old, is still at Arnold Palmer Hospital in stable condition after undergoing surgery. 

The investigation into how the eleven-year old was able to access the firearm is  still under investigation and additional charges may be forthcoming."

“It is a very sad day for our community and society when an eleven year old child chooses to use a firearm to resolve a dispute," said Apopka Police Chief Michael McKinley. "There were numerous adults and coaches in the immediate area where the first altercation took place and instead of feeling comfortable reaching out to one of them to help him resolve the matter, he chose a firearm. We have to wonder where he learned this behavior from?"

McKinley also said that allowing minors the ability to get guns with very little effort played a role in this incident.

"Easy access to a firearm definitely contributed to this youth's decision to use it instead of think of an alternative option," he said. "Our youth are exposed to violence all the time. Whether it’s on television, in video games or on social media, it surrounds them in everything they do and again we wonder where they learned it from. Violence among our youth is becoming far too frequent and the root cause of why they feel the need to use a firearm to resolve a dispute needs to be addressed because we are losing far too many young people due to this senseless violence. “

The APD released the following statement on Monday night:

"On October 2, 2023, at 8:20pm the Apopka Police Department responded to a shooting at the Northwest Recreation Complex football field. Officers arrived at 8:24 pm and detained the shooter. They also located two juvenile victims with gun shot wounds.

Based on the preliminary investigation, investigators have determined that three juveniles, participating in Pop Warner Football practice, became engaged in an altercation that led to one juvenile retreiving a firearm from a vehicle. The juvenile then fired one shot that struck two juveniles in the parking lot. The victims have been transported to área hospitals and were listed in stable condition. The shooter has been detained and the firearm secured. There is no on going threat to the community.

This is an active on-going investigation and updates will be released as they are available."

This is a developing story, and may be updated in later editions of The Apopka Voice. 

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