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Apopka City Council April 3rd Meeting

Developing Story: City Council approves forensic audit of finances with 5-0 vote

Nesta's presentation features eight action items


At its April 3rd meeting, the Apopka City Council voted 5-0 to begin a forensic audit of specific items in its finances. It was an issue that was discussed throughout 2023 and into the 2024 election.

I want to put this into perspective," said Commissioner Nick Nesta, who spearheaded the initiative. "It's similar to going to the doctor's office. You feel something's wrong inside you and don't know what it is. But you tell the doctor, look, here are my pain points; it's for you to figure this out. And that's where we're at at this point. And these are my pain points. And these are the resident's pain points as well."

Nesta presented eight action items he wants to see in the forensic audit:

  • Camp Wewa 
  • City of Apopka - Reserves
  • Opioid Crisis Payment
  • City of Apopka - Bill Payments
  • City of Apopka - Employee Expenses/Reimbursements
  • Farmworkers Association Payment
  • City of Apopka - Property Owned/Transactions
  • City of Apopka - Grant Money

Typically, a forensic audit is a detailed examination and analysis of financial records, transactions, and documents to uncover potential fraud, embezzlement, or other financial irregularities. It goes beyond a regular audit in that it involves investigative techniques and specialized skills to gather evidence that can be used in legal proceedings.

However, a forensic audit of a City's finances focuses on examining the financial records, transactions, and processes of municipal government entities such as departments, agencies, or public funds. The objectives may include identifying financial mismanagement, inefficiencies, or compliance issues within the city government. The aim is to ensure transparency, accountability, and effective management of public resources.

After the Council discussed it, Nesta called for a motion to write a Request for Proposal (RFP) to bring a firm in to conduct the audit.

"The goal of this presentation is not to take a deep dive into every single one [of these items]. That's not the goal of this. There are clearly questions that we've had. I appreciate the conversation. But I think that's the point: we have so many questions unanswered. It goes back to the point that this needs to be greenlit. Let's put a timeline to an RFP and move this forward and keep it moving. It doesn't need to be this big political thing. Just keep it moving."

This developing story will be updated in future editions of The Apopka Voice.

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