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Council to Review City Center Agreement at Workshop


The Apopka City Council will hold a workshop on Wednesday, July 13th to review the proposed City Center Development Agreement. The Workshop will begin at 4;00 PM.

Workshops are open to the public, but no public input is allowed. The public will be able to observe the presentation by Taurus and the discussion between members of the City Council and Taurus Southern Investment.

The proposed Agreement does not state what establishments will be included, but it does state what will not be allowed. Prohibited activities include:

  • Dollar Store(s)
  • Tattoo parlors
  • Any state or governmental office
  • Plasma offices
  • Adult motel, Adult Performance Establishment, Adult Theater, Adult booths, Adult bookstore, adult video store, or Adult Entertainment Establishment(s)
  • Billboards or Outdoor Display advertising boards or pole mounted structures
  • Cell towers (except roof-mounted)
  • Recycling, refuse or garbage facilities or substations (excluding individual trash receptacles)
  • Outdoor storage of equipment
  • Automotive sales or service
  • Automotive parts sales
  • Gas stations
  • Religious Facilities or Churches
  • Rental Car Storage, except for 10 spaces may be designated for use at a satellite

    office at the hotel

The Agreement does not say what will happen to the Highland Manor, but it does provide for the Developer to give the City 12 months notice to move it or remove it from the site if the Developer decides to not incorporate the Manor into their plans.

A vote to approve or disapprove the proposed Development Agreement is expected to happen on Wednesday, July 20, at the next City Council meeting. That will be the first and perhaps last opportunity for the public to voice their opinion(s).

Use this link to review the complete Agenda Packet-City Center Workshop, including the proposed Development Agreement.



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