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Cleveland Property: Temporary Holding Area for Collected Roadside Debris



The Apopka Voice learned today that the 10-acre parcel of land near Cleveland Street that is being proposed for re-zoning from Parks and Recreation to Light Industrial (Ordinance #2469) has been used as a temporary holding area for collected roadside garbage. This is the property that sits in a Small Business Administration HUBZone, and has an Orlando business interested in a land swap that would bring a light industrial business to Apopka.

"The city-owned property is largely vacant – a small staging area has been used when needed to hold items that are dumped along city roadways and on city properties," said Robert Sargent, Public Information Officer for the City of Apopka. "These items are later taken away for proper disposal. There are no tires currently at the site."

The City of Apopka purchased the property in 1980 under Mayor John Land. According to Alonzo Williams (a City Councilman from 1970-1994), the property was purchased for the purpose of building a baseball field.

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