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City Council approves CRA Board Member



City Council Summary: MAYOR’S REPORT

By Misha Corbett of Apopka Then and Now

  1. Appointment to the Community Redevelopment Agency Board. Mayor Joe Kilsheimer would like to appoint Pat MacGuffin. An appointment must be made, as the parcel in the city center is designated as CRA. Becker asked how long the term is. (Answer: No limit). Commissioner Diane Velazquez asked when the CRA meets. (Answer: After city council meeting is adjourned, you would reconvene as CRA, which last met about 5-years ago). Kilsheimer said he would have included a bio had he not been out of town. He felt MacGuffin was so well known that it would not be a problem. Commissioner Kyle Becker asked if there is a point at which an appointed member can be removed. (Answer: Yes, by a vote of the council).Suzanne Kidd stated that had the biography been on the agenda, she may have had the opportunity to discuss what she has to say privately. She feels Pat is a wonderful person. However, she felt it must be said that he didn’t fulfill all of his obligations or attend all meetings on a recent steering committee. Isadora Dean said that Pat is a fine person & she would vote for him if she were on the council. But, she wonders why these board opportunities aren’t listed on our website & why we don’t have an application that allows citizens to apply to serve on various boards. Kilsheimer stated that the new website should provide this function. Isadora Dean said that in general, it just seems more transparent & fair for citizens to have an opportunity. The Council voted 5-0 in favor of naming MacGuffin to the CRA Board. The Board consists of The Apopka City Council, The County Commissioner (Bryan Nelson), and Mac Guffin.

    Chief Chuck Carnesale Chuck Carnesale

  1. Appointment of the Fire Chief. The position was advertised. There were 3 internal candidates that were exceptionally qualified. Chuck Carnesale is being named the new fire chief. Kilsheimer read some wonderful letters of recommendation that he received on behalf of Carnesale, who has dedicated his life to the Apopka Fire Department, serving in virtually every capacity since he began as an Explorer at the age of 13. For a full feature on Chief Carnesale, go here.

Reggie Connell of The Apopka Voice contributed to this report.

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