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Christine Moore steps back as campaign manager for Becker and Ruth


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Christine Moore Christine Moore

Christine Moore, campaign manager for Commissioner Sam Ruth and Kyle Becker "stepped back" today according to a post on her Facebook page, which was later confirmed by Moore, Becker and Ruth.

Becker is in a runoff against Commissioner Bill Arrowsmith for The City Commission's Seat #4. Ruth is currently in a runoff against Doug Bankson for Seat #3.

In her Facebook post, Moore cited an incident between her and Erin Miner (Alice Nolan’s aunt) that she states caused Nolan to not endorse Ruth.

On Facebook, she posted:

“I'm hearing that Alice Nolan is not endorsing Sam Ruth because of ME. Somehow it is my fault that her aunt violated school board policy on helping Alice at an Apopka school play. SHE VIOLATED SCHOOL BOARD POLICY. It was reported to me and I forwarded the info on to the area superintendent as I do with other complaints people give me. I never had anything to do with it afterwards. This is one of the major jobs of being a school board member.”

Nolan did not comment directly to Moore’s claim.

“I am not going to respond to that,” she said. “My only endeavor is to do what is best for the Apopka community and the generations to come.”

Moore told The Apopka Voice her "stepping back" was anticipated by the Ruth campaign, and that she would still be involved.

"I am stepping back from the campaigns due to my responsibilities for organizing the upcoming art and jazz festival which brings students from over 30 schools to Apopka on April 2nd."

Moore went on to post this explanation:

"I love serving your children and the community. I have no interest in dividing people – only to make things better for the entire community. I gave Sam my best for four months – I spent little time with my grand daughter, but it is now time to go back to my lovely, normal life. I love you all. I only want to bring people together. I will be focusing on my jazz festival these next three weeks. The children deserve it to be the best ever."

Becker doesn't expect his relationship with Moore to change, and points out that the campaign's leadership and message has always come from him.

"I am the candidate, contact, and sole person responsible for the message I deliver to the residents of Apopka in my bid to earn Seat 4. I utilize Ms. Moore's services as a campaign manager to help guide me through nuances of running for an elected position. I also collaborate with her to help craft campaign material that is distributed to Apopka residents. I plan to continue to utilize her services in this capacity, while still passionately leading the effort for my campaign myself."


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