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Christian Learning Academy celebrates 20 years in the community


If you started a club, a business, or a church, you would probably be happy if its membership doubled, and you would be ecstatic if it grew to ten times its original size, right? What if your organization grew to eighty times the number of people you started with, and what if that growth showed no signs of stopping?

That's the story of Christian Learning Academy (CLA). They began with just three students in 2003 and have expanded to 250 students from Kindergarten through 12th Grades. Along the way, the school has added athletics, including Girl's Volleyball, Boy's Basketball, Girl's Basketball, Coed Golf, and Cross Country. They have also expanded their Fine Arts program offering: Chorus, Chapel Band, and Theater. Dual enrollment options, through both Valencia College and the University of South Florida, give students a chance to earn college credit while still enrolled at CLA. The school has opened a dedicated High School center helping to ensure that every graduating senior is accepted to either college or the Military.

This focus – graduating students who can be successful in life – informs everything that Christian Learning Academy does. Preparing students for future success begins with a challenging curriculum, for which students learn strategies that will help them take notes and study for tests and exams. Students also engage in daily writing prompts, helping them sharpen a skill that they will use in college and the workforce. Teachers also provide individualized tutoring to identify and correct any gaps in the student's knowledge. All of this, coupled with a low 14:1 student-to-teacher ratio at the high school level, ensures that students leave CLA with the knowledge, ability, and work ethic that they will need to be successful in whatever field of study they want to pursue.

A culture of excellence goes beyond the classroom. CLA's Boys Varsity Basketball team won the State Championship in 2020-21. The Girls Varsity Basketball team were back-to-back State Champions in 2020-21 and 2021-22. The Boys Cross Country team won their own State Championship in 2023. Being part of a sports team teaches students the value of hard work, teamwork, and dedication. Athletics at Christian Learning Academy are open to students from grades 6 through 12, and all students are encouraged to join.

CLA provides opportunities for spiritual growth through a weekly Chapel Service. The school's Chapel Band is student-led, which offers an opportunity for musically talented students to lead the whole school in worship. Students receive non-denominational Biblical instruction and wisdom, equipping them with attitudes and perspectives that will take them far in life. Students participate in Physical Education, Art Classes, and Biology Labs, all of which combine to make them well-rounded students and citizens.

This year, Christian Learning Academy will celebrate its 20th year of Academic, Spiritual, and Athletic excellence. If you are a parent looking for a high-quality education for your student, if you are interested in a school that will instill Christian values as well as a work ethic that will equip them for whole-life success, please contact the school at 407-410-0049 or Principal Bryce Pfleger at 407-412-0475 to arrange a tour of the school's campus, and to discuss the scholarship options that can help your student attend CLA for free.

Join Christian Learning Academy to soar. Call 407-410-0049 today to learn more!

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