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Chick-fil-A Wants to Reward You for Not Your Using Your Phone


A Georgia Chick-fil-A Operator is bringing people together during meal times by challenging them to not use their phone while eating. The campaign is called Cell Phone Coop and it’s gaining popularity around the country.

“We really want our restaurant to provide a sense of community for our customers, where family and friends can come together and share quality time with one another,” said Williams. “But as we all know, technology increasingly demands more of our time and can be a big distraction, even while we’re eating. This got me thinking about what we could do to reduce this distraction during meals.”chick-fil-a-challenge

So Williams worked with his team to develop a solution he calls the “Cell Phone Coop.” Williams places a small, square box, a.k.a. the Coop, on each table at his restaurant with a simple challenge: enjoy a meal without the distraction of cellphones and receive a free Chick-fil-A Icedream. Guests complete the challenge successfully only if cellphones remain in the Coop untouched for their entire meal, states the Chick-fil-A site.

Williams said that the challenge has already proven to be successful with some families even asking to take the boxes home with them.

The Chick-fil-A website states that the program has been so well-received that the program is available in 150 Chick-fil-A restaurants. To find out if you can be a part of the challenge, contact your local Chick-fil-A Operator.

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