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Celebrate Public Natural Gas Week with Lake Apopka Natural Gas District


From Lake Apopka Natural Gas District

Over 6 million homes and businesses nationwide use natural gas through a public natural gas utility. So, why aren’t you? Natural gas is not only the cleanest burning fuel source available, but it’s also safe, cost-efficient, and abundant. Coming from an underground pipeline, natural gas is always there when you need it and keeps fueling your home or business - even when the power goes out.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to learn about natural gas and all that it has to offer, now is the perfect time. October 4-10, 2020, Lake Apopka Natural Gas District (LANGD), as well as the nearly 1,000 other public natural gas utilities across the country, will celebrate Public Natural Gas Week.

Public Natural Gas Week is an annual, nationwide event intended to build public awareness around the value of having a community-owned natural gas utility. During this week, LANGD will aim to educate residents in its service areas on the environmental and cost benefits of using clean, reliable, and affordable natural gas and natural gas appliances.

A public natural gas utility like LANGD is great for local communities for many reasons, including:

Local Control: Having a public natural gas system gives a community local control over how gas is provided to homes and businesses. At LANGD, decisions are made through citizen participation and its board of directors, rather than distant city leaders who are not as familiar with local issues and are primarily focused on profits instead of service.

Customer Service: Public natural gas utilities work for their communities first. LANGD’s current board of directors, along with its appointed general manager and staff, continue to provide more than natural gas to their customers; they provide service. LANGD is a 10-year winner of the American Public Gas Association (APGA) Safety Management Excellence Award for consistently operating safely at the highest levels. In 2020, LANGD was also awarded the APGA Gold System Operational Achievement Recognition (SOAR) Award for excellence in the operation of their natural gas utility.

Cost-Friendly: Another bonus of keeping natural gas in your fuel mix is it is light on your wallet! U.S. consumers of natural gas save an average of more than $800 on energy bills each year, as compared to those who use electricity solely.

Economic Benefits: Public natural gas systems do more than just fuel local homes and businesses - they also keep communities fiscally happy and healthy. About 46% of natural gas delivered to U.S. consumers is used in the industrial sector, providing energy for everything from mining minerals to processing food. Another 15% is used in the commercial market for heating and cooling essential spaces like office buildings, hospitals, and eateries.

As we continue to work together through challenging times, LANGD is committed to providing reliable natural gas service to every home and business it serves. We hope you join us in supporting natural gas as a premier energy source for our community during this year’s Public Natural Gas Week.

Ready to make the switch to natural gas and join the LANGD family? Call (407) 656-2734, ext. 307, to learn more. To celebrate Public Natural Gas Week, LANGD customers are eligible to receive a 2021 calendar by mail by calling (407) 656-2734 or emailing marketing@langd.org. Limit one calendar per account, while supplies last.


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