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Caged No More - Spotlight on Sex Trafficking


Inspired by real events, “Caged No More” is the story of Aggie Prejean, a grandmother on a desperate search to find her two granddaughters, Skye and Elle, who have been kidnapped by their sinister father.

As the details behind the girls’ disappearance begin to unravel, they have been discovered to have been taken overseas to be sold into the sex trade. Aggie enlists the help of the girls’ uncle, a well-respected local philanthropist, and his son Wil, who is former Special Forces.

A global hunt ensues, and the team will stop at nothing to see the girls safely returned home.

Here is an excerpt from the review by the Dove Foundation:

“Caged No More” is a powerful and dramatic film that dares to make a strong stand against sex trafficking. It features a talented cast, including Kevin Sorbo, Alan Powell, Cassidy Gifford and Abigail Duhon.

Sorbo plays twin brothers, Jack and Richard, and they’re opposites. Richard is a family man and has a son who has just returned from serving in the military but will be heading back soon. Jack owes a drug debt and has sold one of his two daughters, Skye (Gifford), into sex trafficking and takes his other daughter, Elle (Duhon), to Greece to do the same.

Aggie Prejean (Loretta Devine) took care of both girls as they grew up, and she is devastated when the girl’s mother dies, just after giving her a clue about what her girls have endured. Aggie soon makes a connection with Richard, and Richard’s son, Wil (Alan Powell), has the background, due to his military experience, to try to save Elle before it’s too late.

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Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking


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