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Burglary Report - Week Ending 2/07/2016


Reported burglaries during the week ending 2/7/2016 increased by more than double from the week before. There were just 12 burglaries reported during the week ending January 31st verses 29 reported burglaries last week.

The week ending 2/07/2016 report break down:

• 20 – Vehicle Burglaries

• 4 – Business Burglaries

• 5 – Residential Burglaries

The interactive map below shows 3 specific clusters of Vehicle Burglaries in Apopka last week. Three Vehicle Burglaries within 3 blocks of each other occurred in Errol Estate. Five Vehicle Burglaries were reported in the Meadows of Maude Helen subdivision off of Binion Road and a third cluster of Vehicle Burglaries was concentrated east of Sheeler Rd. in an area between Cleveland St. and Keen Rd. In the same vicinity, police responded to two Residential Burglaries.

Because so many of the Vehicle Burglaries involved unlock cars we are suggesting that our readers read this article first published in early January: Lock It or Lose It





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