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Broadening Your Perspective: The 6 Mindsets of a Great Medical Professional


Mental strength comes from many different places within us, from our faith to our attitudes, and everything in between. Medical professionals, frontline workers, and first responders often have a mindset and perspective that is unique and inspiring. We can think that these people are superhuman to do what they do, but while amazing, they are also like you and me.

Many think that in order to be a medical professional, they've got to be a 'cut above' and something different. But for anybody who wants to be a medical professional or a first responder, the most important thing to remember is that it all begins, and ends, with your mindset. So what does it take to develop the mindset of a great medical professional?

They Recognize the Importance of Each Little Facet of Their Image

As health professionals, the image they project of calm, confident and compassionately in control, especially when dealing with patients and family members who can be, at times, near-hysterical, is a learned and important skill. It is often just as important as what they do and say. We can learn to prime our brains in similar ways, and to gain a mindset that helps us get through tough times. Professionals in many business circles even use a basic priming exercise to get themselves ready in the morning, much like athletes. Whether medical professionals or business people, they learn to talk themselves through what is going on, and we can do the same. It's a way to get your brain into the right mindset to do the job to the best of your ability. [There are many medical workers who choose to work as freelance medical writers. When medical professionals have love and passion for science and writing, they tend to combine it in their writing. If you need someone with medical background and love for health content, you can seek freelance medical writers to help with your projects.]

This means that when you are preparing your brain, make sure you've got the right image to go alongside it. We've all seen a disheveled doctor or nurse, and too often, the split-second we see them, we lose a little confidence in them. This is why it's important to have the entire package presented in a certain way, to communicate strength and leadership. In the same way, healthcare professionals don't underestimate the importance of what they wear, and how they present themselves. This is why uniform providers like Uniform Advantage display a wide variety of scrubs and medical uniforms. It's important for medical professionals to show the right image to their patients and colleagues, and in the same way, important for us to do the same in our own realms. We've got to get ourselves into the mindset that will get us to bring our A-game, which means preparing ourselves as a whole package, inside and out, top to bottom.

Being a Lifelong Learner

Education is not something that stops as soon as you leave medical school. Medical school prepares you for the job by giving you the important tools and experience, but once you graduate, that's when you put these tools to work. Any successful medical professional has to understand that lifelong learning is one of the biggest commitments they can make. This is why they often take the initiative to invest in themselves. The benefits of regular learning include:

  • Reducing error;
  • Boosting self-confidence;
  • Strengthening professional credibility.

These all make a significant difference across the board. To be a lifelong learner, you have to make a commitment to yourself first, that you will strive for excellence by expanding your skills and knowledge. Learning is not just something that you can be casual about, not if you want it to stick. There will be times when you feel that your brain is too full to take on more information, but this is why getting into the mindset that learning will be life-long is important - it prepares your brain to be looking for opportunities. This is where the next aspect is absolutely crucial.

Having a Passion for What You Do

The most successful medical professionals are in love with what they do. The passion for what they can do gives them the ability to stay disciplined and dedicated. If you want to help others, this is all well and good, but it is one facet of being a medical professional. Some doctors become jaded over time, especially those on the road to retirement, and they've already checked out mentally. But those doctors who get more energy by what they do, lose track of time when on the job, and seemingly can't tear themselves away at the end of the shifts - these are the kind of doctors you want looking after you. Obviously there has to be a balance, and you need to know when to walk away at the end of a shift. But when you have a passion for something, it won't feel so much like work, but the thing that drives you. If you have a passion for something in life, this is the best foundation for happiness and success, not just in your career, but in your life.

The Mindset to Communicate Effectively

If you want to be a good medical professional, you need to communicate; if you want to be a great medical professional, you need to communicate effectively. Communication is something that is severely lacking in certain circles. We've all experienced a doctor who hasn't got any sense of tact. Those people may be considered amazing at their jobs, but not amazing with people. Unfortunately, because they are medical professionals, we too often give them a pass, and just accept their lack of skill in communications.

If you want to be a great medical professional, though, regardless of the role, learning how to communicate effectively is a skill that will serve you in every aspect of your career. Not only will it help you more effectively work with patients and colleagues, but it will also bring more value to people's lives.

A medical professional is someone who should communicate compassionately and clearly because it becomes a helpful part of the problem-solving process. Not only with patients and their families, but in working with other medical practitioners. It is so important to surround yourself with the right people, people who are progressive and forward-thinking. Build relationships with these people inside and outside of your office. When this professional network is created, it not only serves your patients well, but is a better support system for you, so you don't feel alone in the burden of medical care. In a career where people's lives are at stake, networking should be part of the cultural fabric.

Practicing What You Preach

One of the most important examples in life is to lead by example. Medical professionals understand that in order for people to heed their word, they've got to be a person who can practice what they preach. Medical professionals are role models for patients in their local community. This means that they understand being a healthcare professional that looks after themselves by exercising regularly, knows how to relax, and understands the balance of life - all of this will send a healthy message to those looking on. On the other hand, a doctor that says “do as I say, not as I do” is not leading by example, nor likely to command respect. If you want to be a strong and stable medical professional, lead by example and recognize that every thing you do can have an effect on those looking on, positive or negative.

A Commitment to Excellence

The most pivotal aspect of a medical professional's mindset is a commitment to excellence. This doesn't mean raising the bar higher and higher, but rather taking the time to be reflective on what you can and cannot do well. When you start to apply the process of reflection into your life, this becomes a habit that can result in a better outcome in you and your patients’ lives. Reflection can lead to action, and when committed to giving 110% as so many medical professionals do, it will help you create better outcomes for your life in the long run.

Positive and healthy mindsets are important for both work and personal living. In the medical profession, it can be what makes their success possible, and it can be the same for the rest of us as well.


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