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BREAKING NEWS: Mayor orders curfew for Orange County again, effective immediately


From the Orange County Government Florida Executive Order 2020-19

According to the Executive Order 2020-19 signed by Mayor Jerry Demings this afternoon, Orange County is under curfew again until further notice.

According to the Order, "recent events necessitate the reinstitution of a curfew to decrease the potential for the continued spread of COVID-19".

The restriction is noted as a "temporary emergency restriction" effective immediately, and was done in consultation with John Mina, Sheriff of Orange County.

All of Orange County is affected, except for jurisdictions that have already instituted a curfew.

Curfew details

  • All pedestrian and vehicular movement, standing and parking, are prohibited during curfew hours, except for individuals commuting to and from places of employment, the provision of fire, police, emergency and hospital services, medical patients utility repairs, state and local government employees providing services, and emergency calls by physicians within the curfew area.
  • Curfew hours are from 10:00 P.M. until 5:00 A.M., during which such movement as identified above is prohibited
  • Any and all persons found on the streets and sidewalks within any Orange County during the curfew period, and not engaged in the areas of exception as listed above, will be subject to arrest
  • Anyone who violates any prohibition, restriction or regulation made in this order will, on conviction, be punished according to law and subject to a fine not exceeding the sum of Five Hundred Dollars ($500. 00) or imprisonment in the County jail for a period not exceeding sixty (60) days, or by both such fine and imprisonment.
  • This order will be valid until otherwise stated in a writing signed by Mayor Demings or someone under his authority

Executive Order 2020-12 was referenced in this new Order, stating that it had "provided that all persons in Orange County should avoid congregating in large groups and should maintain a distance of at least six (6) feet in between persons and groups of people greater than ten (10) are not permitted to congregate in any public space that does not readily allow for the appropriate social distancing".

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