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Breaking News: Klein estate suspends operations on New Errol Project


Signature H Vice President releases statement

Breaking News:

The Estate of Julian (Larry) Klein has suspended operations of the New Errol Project according to a statement by Helmut Wyzisk III, Vice President of Signature H Property Group, on the nextdoor.com site associated with the Errol Estate community. Signature H is the developer of The New Errol project.

On the site, Wyzisk made this statement:

"Dear Members of the Errol Community,

Many of you have noticed that the clubhouse at the Apopka Golf & Tennis Club will be closed for "an undisclosed amount of time." This is an action that has been taken by the Estate of Julian Klein, which has taken control of the premises following Mr. Klein's recent passing. While we at Signature H are committed to the renewal of Errol, Mr. Klein’s estate and the personal representative of the estate are reviewing the agreements for the redevelopment to understand how to move forward. We are in contact with the attorneys for the estate and are working to keep all the development plans on track to realize Mr. Klein’s dream of a signature golf club of which all the members of the Errol Community can be proud.

We will provide updates as information becomes available and we thank you for your support in getting the development plans this far.

H3 & Team"

Wyzisk later followed up on the site with this comment:

"Yes, the Klein estate has suspended all activity on the property (club and golf course) while their representatives determine how to move forward. We're in communication and hopeful to have positive updates soon. As always, we'll do our best to stay transparent and in touch with the community."

This is a breaking story and no other details are known at this time. The Apopka Voice will update this article as more information is learned.


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