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Apopka City Council

Breaking News: Becker moving from Apopka


Apopka City Commissioner Kyle Becker announced on his Facebook page that he and his family are moving from Apopka in the coming months.

"Our story started here, and many great chapters written since, but it is time for new adventures! We are so grateful for the many amazing friendships we have made here in Apopka, we have been truly blessed. Don’t fret, not going too far…"

Becker entered the Apopka political scene in 2016 with an upset victory over 40-year incumbent Bill Arrowsmith for Seat #4 on the city commission. He defended his seat in 2020, lost a narrow mayoral election in 2022, and then returned to win Seat #3 in a special election, also in 2022.

He released the following statement to The Apopka Voice about moving from Apopka:

"Though not a factor at the time of my previous decision not to seek re-election for Seat 3, circumstances over the past months have changed, and our family has made the decision to move outside of Apopka. We are in the process of listing our primary Apopka residence for sale, however, I plan to serve the remainder of my term as the sales process is finalized.
This was a difficult decision to make, knowing the many friendships we have formed and the countless happy memories we have made during our 17 years here in Apopka.  This city will forever be the special place Kelly and I decided to start our family, and Apopka will always be our daughters’ hometown.
My decision to serve the remainder of my term is consistent with how I have always treated this role, fully committed, having never missed a City Council meeting during my nearly 8 years in office. During that time, I made the best decisions I thought possible to improve the lives of our existing residents, while also seeking opportunities for those that will call Apopka home well into the future.  I’ve never been perfect, but have always been principled, and I thank the voters of Apopka again for giving me this great opportunity that I will never forget."

Becker's term in Seat #3 ends in April after the Oath of Office ceremony.

This is breaking news and a developing story and will be updated in future editions of The Apopka Voice.

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