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Apopka Election 2024

Breaking News: Apopka Professional Firefighters Association endorses Nesta in Seat #4 campaign

The Apopka Professional Firefighters Association, an organization comprised of approximately 100 firefighters from the Apopka Fire Department, released a statement this morning endorsing Apopka City Commissioner Nick Nesta, who is running for re-election to Seat #4.
"Citizens of Apopka,
The Apopka Professional Firefighters Association is pleased to announce that we are endorsing Nick Nesta for re-election in the upcoming commissioner race for Seat 4 on the Apopka City Council. Since obtaining office in 2022, Nick Nesta has held true to his commitment to the City and our community, as well as his promise to listen and engage openly in all things Apopka. This endorsement has not been earned without merit on behalf of the men and women that we represent. We have deeply considered Mr. Nesta’s prior experience in public office, his stated vs. actual voting history, and his willingness to communicate and build trust and transparency with our firefighters and the citizens that we serve daily prior to this decision.
Apopka City Commissioner Nick Nesta
Apopka City Commissioner Nick Nesta
Commissioner Nesta, in his relatively short time as a City Commissioner, has made a significant impact on the community at large and very much at home for us Apopka Firefighters. Time and time again, Commissioner Nesta has shown his commitment to public safety and public service in voice and, most importantly, in action. Without his vote, our fire department could have found itself in a precarious position well behind the 8-ball in proper staffing, as well as training and safety standards. It is important to our firefighters to have members on the City Council that take a thoughtful and measured approach to the issues we are faced with, whether those issues are related to infrastructure, personnel, finance, or the well-being of the citizens and employees, and that they are willing to fight to stick to their campaign promises.
The City of Apopka finds itself on the precipice of extraordinary growth and change. Our fire department and firefighters are no small piece of the puzzle of managing that growth and making Apopka a safe and vibrant city. Commissioner Nesta has invested enormous time and effort to learn our systems, strengths, and weaknesses and that continuity moving forward cannot be overlooked. Please join us in casting your support for a better Apopka!
Vote Nick Nesta for Apopka City Council Seat 4! Early voting is March 4th - March 17th 2024 and Election Day is March 19th, 2024."
Nesta was pleased to receive the APFA's endorsement.
"I am honored and gracious of the Apopka Professional Firefighters Association endorsement for my re-election to Seat 4 for the City of Apopka," he said in a statement to The Apopka Voice. "I look forward to our continued collaboration to ensure our residents and staff are properly equipped and taken care of. We have the highest quality first responders, and I endeavor to support their efforts and meet their needs while they serve our residents."
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